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'See' Star Jessica Harper - A Look Back at Her Career!

Published Wed Sep 25 2019 By Travis
'See' Star Jessica Harper - A Look Back at Her Career!

Jessica Harper is a respected veteran of the movie and TV industry where even though she enjoyed a short career; it was a respected one nonetheless. Born on 10 October 1949 in Chicago, Illinois she was one of six children with the three of them being boys, which also includes her twin brother. All of her brothers are also involved in the show business, and she also grew up with two sisters.

Jessica started her career at the age of 22 when she appeared in a movie, and a TV show simultaneously and so began an illustrious career where she portrayed some great characters and also found the love of her life in the industry. At the age of 40, she married Tom Rothman, who was only 35 years old at the time. Tom was a top executive working in Fox and now works in Sony Pictures Motion Pictures Group where he is the chairman of the subdivision.

Tom Rothman puts his hand around his wife Jessica Harper on the red carpet.
Jessica Harper and Tom Rothman on the red-carpet at an award show.

Source: Zimbio

The actress made her career in the movies and TV shows, but she was also able to manage a home where she gave birth to two children. Both of her children are daughters who are now adults and as old age is creeping into the life of the actress and finally after over a decade she is making her comeback in the movie and TV industry we wanted to take a look back at her career.

Jessica Harper’s Career in the Movies

Phantom at the Paradise, still image.

Her first foray into the world of movies was in the film ‘Taking Off’ where she appeared as herself, and her first career role in a studio production was in the film 'Phantom of the Paradise' which was directed by Brian De Palma. The movie was not received well when the film was first released but after years of revisiting and reviewing the movie is now considered a cult classic with much of the bad reviews softening over time.

Then it was the 1975 Woody Allen movie 'Love and Death' which was a smash hit at the box office, and she was given a small role in the comedy film. But her biggest role was in the film 'Suspiria,' where she played her first starring role or the most recognized role of her career. To this day, the movie is considered to be one of the biggest influences in the horror genre.

Jessica Harper looking scared with a knife in her hand.
Jessica Harper in the cult classic movie Suspiria.

Source: Agile

Jessica also appeared in what Woody Allen considers to be one of his best movies ever, 'Stardust Memory;' she played a supporting cast member in the film. She also starred in the soul sequel of 'Rocky Horror Picture Show;' 'Shock Treatment' was able to earn a little fan following but nowhere to the level of what the original movie was able to achieve.

'My Favorite Year' was her last big movie release before the turn of the century as she appeared in less major and more minor studio pictures. One of the best movies of the 90s, 'Safe,' according to Village Voice Film Poll was also something she starred in only to achieve a massive following later on in her career.

Watch: The trailer for the psychological thriller movie Safe

After a six-year hiatus, the actress finally came back to 'Minority Report,' which became the most successful picture of her career. Though she was one of the supporting cast, it was still a right send-off to one of the movies’ greats. The actress made a comeback in 2018 when she appeared in the spiritual remake of her classic film 'Suspiria,' and it was the last time we saw her on the big screen.

Her TV Career Including Comeback in 'SEE'

Jason Mamoa in his character as Baba Voss in SEE

Like her appearance in the movie industry, she appeared on TV the same year with 'NBC Children’s Theatre.' Most of her career in the TV was in one of appearance which started with Hawaii Five-O. One-off performances in the TV show she was finally able to get a constant appearance in a show with ‘It’s Garry Shandling’s Show’ where she played the character of 'Phoebe Bass' and appeared in 19 episodes. Then it was again multiple appearances in TV movies and guest spots in the established show.

Now, finally, the actress is coming back to the small screen with her appearance in the highly anticipated series 'SEE.' She is playing the character of Cora in the show which is headlined by Jason Mamoa. Her character is set to appear in three episodes in the latter part of the first season. Except for the name of the character ‘Cora’ we know nothing of the role she is playing and which side she is leaning more towards, sight in good or God took sight as a punishment, and it needs to be extinguished.

Watch: The first trailer for the first season of Apple TV+ SEE

Whatever the case we are excited for the first season of the series when it debuts on Apple TV+ on 1 November 2019.

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