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'See' Star Mojean Aria - Is He Dating Someone? Does He Have a Girlfriend? Grab All The Details Here!

Published Tue Sep 24 2019 By Travis
'See' Star Mojean Aria - Is He Dating Someone? Does He Have a Girlfriend? Grab All The Details Here!

Mojean Aria is one of the biggest and most recent exports of the Australian Film Industry and from a pretty young age, the actor impressed with his knowledge of filmmaking and also his acting skills.

Born in 1996 the young talent got his first break in the movie 'Crossfire' which was screened at the Sydney Film Festival. When the movie was released the actor was 11 years old, and since then he’s appeared in more than 20 films and TV shows and also wrote and produced his own short movie.

Mojean Aria
Mojean Aria is the recipient of the Heath Ledger Scholarship in 2017.

At only the age of 12, he was able to get a scholarship after reciting his monologue and impressing the authority of the school. From studying in National Institute of Dramatic Arts to again getting a scholarship at the age of 16 to study at another school, The Metro Screen Film School the actor honed his screenwriting skills. All of these led to the actor moving to Los Angeles and being discovered by a talent scout who got him to audition for 'The Bronx Bull' and he won the job in a pool of over 900 auditioners.

But the biggest achievement of his career came in 2017 when he was awarded the 'Heath Ledger Scholarship' and then joined the cast of 'SEE' in 2019. For the 23-year-old this was a culmination of years of acting and struggling. The actor is so expressive in his movies, but when it comes to his private life, he is extremely hidden and doesn’t really reveal much.

Is Mojean Aria Dating? Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Mojean Aria

Mojean is a secretive person, and the actor is not open about his relationship status. We checked his social media postings, and there was no sign whatsoever of a possible relationship. If the man is romantically involved with someone, then he is doing a fine job of hiding it from the public eye.

It is an age-old story of humans needing personal contact with someone, and most of the people on this earth are looking for the connection, if he is not among the majority of the people on this earth, then we cannot attest to it. So, he is most probably in a relationship or will be in one, but at this point, we cannot confirm whether he’s got someone special in his life.

The Possibility of Mojean Being Gay

We are going to preface this by saying, we are not confirming he is gay, and the reason this rumor started was because of the actor’s appearance in the movie 'Hara-Kiri.' In the film, he appeared as 'Beto' and shared the screen with 'August' as they form a suicide pact and go about destroying the city before they kill themselves.

The two form a bond in the movie quickly and are in love which is why the rumor of the actor being gay started. Mojean never really confirmed his sexual orientation which is why there is a possibility he is gay.

Appearing as Gether Bax in the Upcoming Drama Series SEE

Jason Mamoa in the upcoming series SEE

The actor is set to appear in the upcoming drama series; 'SEE' where he is playing the character of 'Gerther Bax.' The drama is about the inability of humans to see after a catastrophic event which resulted in everyone being blind and needing to rely on other sense to survive and hunt.

Aria is going to appear in the first four episodes of the expensive series, and it is unclear whether he is on the side of sight being a blessing or a curse. Whatever the case, we are more than excited to see the talented actor is the series for a however short period of time he is going to be on.

Watch: The first trailer for the first season of SEE coming to Apple TV+

Mojean is going to be one to the most recognized actors when all is said and done, which is why we are excited for the future of the actor. It is already a great 2019 for the actor with the acclaimed movie 'Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan' and also appearing in the Apple TV+ show, 2020 will be equally brilliant with the actor appearing in the movie 'Thief of Sleep.' Take notice people Mojean is going to take over the world.

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