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Shalon Jackson: The Life Of Mo'Nique's Son And His Journey In The Spotlight

Published Sat Dec 30 2023 By Bsgurung
Shalon Jackson: The Life Of Mo'Nique's Son And His Journey In The Spotlight

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, in July 1992, Shalon Calvin Jackson is the offspring of American comedian Monique Angela Hicks and basketball player Mark Jackson

The 30-year-old celebrity, named after the Hebrew word "Sharon" symbolizing peace and harmony, bears the English-Scottish surname Jackson, which translates to "son of Jack" in English. Now let's dig into more detail on the life of the Shalon.

Shalon Jackson's Parents Love Life

Mark Jackson and Monique Angela Hicks tied the knot on December 25, 1997, and together they welcomed two sons, Shalon Calvin Jackson and Mark Eric Jackson Jr. 

Shalon Jackson siblings
Image: Shalon Calvin Jackson with his siblings and parents at the event. Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, their marital journey came to an end, leading to their divorce on April 3, 2001.

Mother Mo'Nique Other Relationships

Mo'Nique, the comedian, was briefly engaged to Kenny Mung before marrying Mark Jackson in 1997, resulting in two sons. After their divorce in 2001, she gave birth to twins in 2005. 

In 2006, she married Sidney Hicks, emphasizing their open marriage built on honesty. Mo'Nique clarified that their openness isn't solely about sex but transparency. In her Netflix special (April 2023), she revealed experiencing attraction to women, clarifying she's not entirely a lesbian but acknowledged her innate feelings.

Mo'Nique stressed her commitment to an honest relationship, highlighting her enduring friendship with Hicks since adolescence and rejecting a conventional, secretive marriage.

How Many Siblings Does Shalon Jackson Have? 

Shalon Calvin Jackson, son of comedian Mo'Nique, has four half-siblings: Mark Eric Jackson, Heavyn Jackson, Micah Jackson, and Christian Jackson. Mark Eric, born on October 23, 1964, in Baltimore, Maryland, pursues a basketball career, currently playing for the Manhattan Jaspers Men's basketball team. 

However, limited information is available about Micah and Christian, as they aren't on social media. Heavyn's details are unspecified.

Shalon's half-siblings Mark Eric and Heavyn share Mark Jackson and Desiree Coleman as parents. Information about Micah and Christian's lifestyles remains undisclosed due to their absence from social media.

Shalon Jackson's Relationship With His Mother, Mo'Nique

Shalon Jackson experienced neglect as Mo'Nique, the Oscar-winning actress, focused on her Hollywood career. Despite meeting his physical needs, Shalon lacked emotional attention, yearning for his busy mother's presence. 

Mark, his father, became his primary companion. Mo'Nique acknowledges in an interview that her pursuit of stardom led to sacrifices, leaving her eldest son Shalon and husband Sidney. 

Despite her Oscar success, she feels a persistent void, recognizing the toll her fame-seeking journey took on her role as a mother and wife. Mo'Nique reflects on the challenges of balancing fame and family, admitting shortcomings in nurturing relationships.

Shalon Jackson's Net Worth in 2023

Shalon Calvin's father, Mark Jackson, a former NBA player and coach, boasts a $6 million net worth. His mother, Monique Angela Hicks, an Oscar-winning American comedian and actress, has a substantial $13 million net worth

Shalon Jackson net worth
Image: Shalon Jackson in his car posing for the picture. Source: Sound Cloud

Monique's success as a renowned stand-up comedian has contributed to her wealth, making her an inspirational figure for African females. 

Shalon comes from a family with notable achievements, with his father's sports career and his mother's accolades in comedy and acting, reflecting a combined net worth of $19 million.

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Social Media Appearances

In contrast to his half-siblings, Shalon Calvin Jackson maintains an active presence on social media, boasting over a thousand followers on Instagram and 800 followers on Twitter.

Mother, Mo'Nique is Award Winning Actress

Mo'Nique, born Monique Angela Hicks on December 11, 1967, is an acclaimed American comedian, actress, and talk show host. Rising to fame with her sharp wit and unapologetic humor, Mo'Nique gained widespread recognition for her stand-up comedy and acting prowess. 

She earned an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her compelling performance in the film "Precious" (2009). Beyond comedy, Mo'Nique has made waves for her openness about personal struggles and societal issues. 

Her career spans stand-up specials, television hosting, and notable film roles, cementing her as a versatile and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

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