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Is Sharon Horgan in a Relationship? Learn her Dating History

Published Tue May 24 2022 By bishalgurunj
Is Sharon Horgan in a Relationship? Learn her Dating History

The Pulling star is in a romance with someone. Who is her lover? Get all the information about it! 

Sharon Horgan is a writer, actress, and producer from Ireland. She is also a comedian who is best known for her comedy programs Pulling and Catastrophe. She starred in both of them and co-wrote them, which is absolutely incredible. Not only that, but she also created the Divorce series, which aired from 2016 to 2019.

Furthermore, she has received numerous honors and recognition as a result of her tremendous deeds. She won the British Comedy Award for Best TV Actress in 2008 and the BAFTA TV Award for Best Comedy Writer in 2016. Today, let's learn more about Sharon's life, including what she's doing now and who she's dating.

Is Sharon Horgan in a Relationship? Learn her Dating History

Sharon Horgan is not just a talented actress, but she is also a stunning one. Her fans are located all over the world and are eager to learn more about her personal life. The actress, on the other hand, is currently single. Despite her celebrity in the entertainment business, she keeps a low profile and rarely discusses her personal life.

Image: Sharon Horgan with her current boyfriend, Tim Burgess. Source: Static Standard UK

The Catastrophe star is currently dating Tim Burgess, a British singer and songwriter, in secret. They became acquainted after Tim tweeted about how much he adored her on Catastrophe. On that note, she retweeted, and the two began their lovely friendship. They're soon seen kissing in the middle of a busy London street.

They appear to be unconcerned about who might see them and are deeply in love with one another. Sharon also contributed a song to The Charlatans' 2017 album Different Days. Despite the widespread media coverage, neither party has verified their relationship with any source as of yet.

Two Daughters With Ex-Husband, Jeremy Rainbird

Sharon Horgan was a happily married woman before she had a romantic relationship with Tim. In the early 2000s, the $8 million net worth holder met her ex-husband, Jeremy Rainbird. He is also a successful London businessman. They decided to take their relationship to the next level after dating for a few years.

Image: Sharon Horgan with her former husband, Jeremy Rainbird. Source: Mirror

In a modest ceremony on October 16, 2005, they exchanged wedding vows. They used to reside in the same house in London. However, after fourteen years of marriage, they came to an unexpected conclusion. They declared their split in 2019 and went their own ways.

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Despite their divorce, they still have two daughters. Sadhbh and Amer Rainbird, their children, are currently residing with Horgan, while Rainbird visits his children regularly.

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