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Stan Cadwallader: Inside the Love Story as Jim Nabors' Husband

Published Tue Dec 05 2023 By Bsgurung
Stan Cadwallader: Inside the Love Story as Jim Nabors' Husband

Stan Cadwallader gained public attention for his decades-long relationship with actor Jim Nabors, marrying a month after gay marriage became legal in Washington in 2013. The couple kept their relationship secret for years. After Nabors died in 2017, Cadwallader, overshadowed by Nabors' fame, remained relatively unknown. 

Stan's background remains private, with limited information available. Currently, his post-marriage activities are undisclosed, and he maintains a low public profile. Cadwallader's life largely revolves around the memories of his enduring relationship with Jim Nabors.

Meeting Husband, Jim Nabors For The First Time

Stan Cadwallader and Jim Nabors first met in July 1975 in Hawaii, coincidentally on Jim's 45th birthday. Despite Jim's fame, they connected instantly at the Ala Moana shopping center. 

Stan Cadwallader with his partner
Image: Late Jim Nabors with his partner, Stan Cadwallader. Source: Heavy

Their shared interests led to a deepening relationship, marked by their first dinner that night. The couple remained discreet due to societal attitudes towards homosexuality. In 1978, they made their public debut at the Indy 500. 

Initially business partners, they eventually revealed their romantic involvement in the early 2000s. Nabors later sold his Maui macadamia plantation after 25 years of ownership. Their enduring connection lasted until Jim's passing in 2017.

Wedding Ceremony

In 2013, taking advantage of Washington state's legalization of gay marriage, Stan Cadwallader and Jim Nabors swiftly wed on January 13 at the Fairmount Olympic Hotel in Seattle. With Stan at 64 and Jim at 82, the couple, together for 38 years, celebrated their union surrounded by mutual friends. 

Despite the momentous occasion, they delayed publicizing their marriage, opting to share the news with the media a few days later. Their wedding marked a significant milestone in their enduring relationship, highlighting the positive impact of changing legal landscapes on LGBTQ+ couples like Cadwallader and Nabors.

Age Gap Between Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader

Despite an 18-year age gap, Jim Nabors, born on June 12, 1930, and his partner Stan Cadwallader, born on January 28, 1948, shared a remarkable compatibility that fueled their enduring relationship. 

The duo defied the age difference, enjoying a rare connection that sustained them for over four decades as devoted partners.

Where is Stan Cadwallader Today? 

At 75, Stan Cadwallader, residing in Honolulu, Hawaii, remains low-key since partner Jim Nabors' death on December 30, 2017. Retired from the Honolulu Fire Service Department, Stan now spends much of his time indoors. 

He attended Jim's funeral, delivering a heartfelt speech acknowledging Jim as a wonderful man, widely recognized by all. 

Cadwallader, maintaining a private life, reflects on their enduring relationship while embracing a more subdued and contemplative lifestyle in the wake of Nabors' passing.

His Husband, Jim Nabors Died At the Age of eighty-seven

James Thurston Nabors (June 12, 1930 – November 30, 2017) was a beloved American actor, singer, and comedian renowned for his iconic role as Gomer Pyle. Discovered by Andy Griffith, he joined The Andy Griffith Show, leading to the successful spin-off Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 

Jim Nabors death
Image: Jim Nabors died at the age of eight seven. Source: NBC News

Nabors showcased his baritone singing on variety shows in the 1960s-1970s, featured on The Carol Burnett Show and with two specials. He annually sang "Back Home Again in Indiana" at the Indianapolis 500. 

Nabors, an Honorary Marine, passed away at 87, leaving a legacy celebrated by figures like Carol Burnett, Karen Pence, and Tony Kanaan for his talent and kindness.

Stan Cadwallader is Fire Fighter and Pilot

Before meeting his late husband Jim Nabors, Stan Cadwallader worked in the Honolulu fire department, having moved to Hawaii from Michigan. Living on a boat, his affinity for the sea shaped his decision to settle in Hawaii. 

Both shared a love for the island and in the 70s, Jim, despite lacking a pilot license, became an honorary naval pilot for the U.S.

Navy 28th Battalion. Stan, having acquired a commercial pilot license in 1978, would fly around Hawaii with Jim and their dogs, often visiting their farm in Hana. Their shared passion for aviation and the Hawaiian lifestyle became integral to their life together.

Stan Cadwallader's Net Worth in 2023

Stan Cadwallader, having built a substantial career as a firefighter, amassed a net worth exceeding $4 million, wealth. Meanwhile, Jim Nabors, his late husband and renowned actor/comedian, possessed a significant fortune. 

Nabors, a prominent figure in American entertainment, accumulated an impressive net worth of $40 million before his passing. 

Stan's financial standing reflects his successful career, while Jim's substantial wealth attests to his enduring impact on the entertainment industry, marking the stark difference in their financial profiles.

How Old is Stan Cadwallader? 

Stan Cadwallader, born on January 28, 1948, in Honolulu, Hawaii, is an American citizen of Caucasian ethnicity. A private individual, he hasn't revealed his parents' identities, but his father was a firefighter, and his mother a homemaker. 

Jim Nabors husband
Image: Jim Nabors with his partner and friends at the party. Source: Tuko News

Stan's upbringing in Michigan included attending Petoskey High School, and despite graduating, he chose not to pursue higher education. 

Limited information is available regarding his family structure, leaving details about potential siblings undisclosed. At 75 years old in 2023, Stan's life has been primarily marked by his career and the enduring relationship with his late husband, Jim Nabors.

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