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Stephen K. Bannon's Ex-wife Diane Clohesy - Top 5 Facts!

Published Mon Nov 04 2019 By Travis
Stephen K. Bannon's Ex-wife Diane Clohesy - Top 5 Facts!

Diane Clohesy was the third wife of right-wing political commentator Stephen K. Bannon, who is also known as Steve Bannon. Diane moved to the United States in 1990 from Limerick Ireland with aspirations to become a model and make it in the modeling scene of the US.

The third wife of Bannon made her career in modeling where she got a few working opportunities, but like her husband was thrown away by Hollywood, she was also thrown away by the modeling industry.

Diane Clohesy came to America to become a model.
Diane Clohesy came to America to become a model.

Source: IMDb

With the inability to make a living from her preferred profession, she resorted to illegal dealings, and her alcohol problem also became a whole lot more pronounced. The former model never got her life back again; it was one mess after the other. So, here are five facts you should know about Steve Bannon’s ex-wife Diane Clohesy.

5. Trying Her Hand in Modeling

Diane Clohesy came to America to become a model.

Diane wanted to be a model, and she was certain of it, and at the time, she was relatively beautiful to the thing she can make it in the industry. But Ireland was not the place where she was going to make it big, and the aspiring model knew it all, which is why she made her way to the States to jump-start her modeling career.

The aspiring model arrived in the US in 1990, and even though her height was not ideal for a model, she still found work in America and started to find her footing a little. But the relationship between modeling and her was not meant to be, which is why she lost all her opportunities.

4. The Spotlight Finding Her

Diane was in the spotlight for a while when she was modeling, but the light was never so bright, and it was limited for a small period of time. But when her ex-husband Steve Bannon became the right-hand man of Donald Trump and helped get him elected to the White House, everything came into focus.

The former model’s name and deeds came to the forefront, and the spotlight was brightest on the dysfunctional life of Diane was the talk of the media. This was not particularly healthy, but the model was daily fodder for tabloid media.

3. Getting Married to Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon and Diane met after the turn of the century, and the couple fell for each other, which lead to the two getting married in 2006. The relationship was not all rainbows and roses after the first two years, though, the couple started to get into fights, and the marriage was not going anywhere, which is why they got divorced in 2009. After the divorce, the relationship between the two was civil, and he even bought her a house.

2. Unruly Habits

Diane was not exactly fine after her career went away, and the marriage with Steve Bannon imploded. There were a lot of brushes with the law, and then she was also getting police sent to her house because of her unruly habits, disturbing the peace. This also made her the hut button topic of the media.

1. Brush with Law

Diane Clohesy

After her marriage with Steve Bannon ended, she was caught trying to pass marijuana to inmates in 2013, and she was also known to be involved in voter fraud with her husband, but no case was made. In 2002 she was also involved in a fight with a flight attendant who was trying to tell her she cannot drink alcohol while the flight was still moving.

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