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Sylvester Stallone wasn't a Fan of Dolph Lundgren Before Filming Rocky IV

Published Sun Sep 22 2019 By Travis
Sylvester Stallone wasn't a Fan of Dolph Lundgren Before Filming Rocky IV

Sylvester Stallone hated Dolph Lundgren when he arrived to audition for Rocky IV.

'Rocky IV' is a seminal action movie, one of the best opening fights and ending monologues in film making history. There are not many movies which hold up till this day and still considered by most to be one of the greatest achievements in the 80s action movie-making scene.

There is a simple reason why this was an epic movie, coming at the height of the civil war the poster of the boxing flick was an instant classic, and then there was the story of redemption and revenge. Couple with the fact the ending was about unity and love, how two countries could come together and form a bond and not only hate each other. This was by far our favorite 'Rocky' movie, and we are counting the first one.

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But the reason this flick worked when the third just felt like same old same old was because of the great villain Sylvester Stallone was going up against. Played by the huge chunk of muscle and bone, Dolph Lundgren, the actor was a human specimen, someone chiseled out of marvel by the best masons in the world. So, we can understand where envy might take hold for the leading actor of Rocky.

Sly was promoting his new movie Rambo V when he arrived at 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' and talked about his new friend Dolph. He said, “I hated him. In Rocky IV, I really wanted a big, horrible, vicious guy. I mean, like a primitive. And I couldn’t find him. I’m finding giant wrestlers and football players.”

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There was bound to be some jealousy and envy from the 5 feet 10 inches tall Stallone towards the 6 feet 5 inches tall Lundgren, but the moment he walked in the door with the flat top and the barrel chest, Sly knew this was the man he was supposed to go up against in the next Rocky movie.

“And then all of a sudden the door opened, the smoke comes in, there’s light—with a proceeding hairline,” Sylvester said. “The shoulders this wide, everything was perfect. Even his calves were coming through his clothing. Just muscular. The blue eyes are staring into my soul. He was the real Terminator, and I go, "I hate this friggin’ guy, I hate him. He’s just too good looking, too perfect. And if I loathe him, I’m sure the world will.”

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It was perfect for the movie, (spoiler alert but the film was released in 1985, so whatever) 'Apollo Creed' is killed by the hulking monstrosity of 'Ivan Drago' and the since Sly hated the actor in real life, this worked perfectly for the story and the movie.

'Rambo V' is currently in the theater with the actor saying he is working on further stories about the character. Dolph and Sly also solved their differences, or Sly let go of his insecurities because they are currently working on a show starring Dolph coming from the production company of Sly.

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