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Tennis star Bianca Andreescu; Facts About the US Open Finalist

Published Fri Sep 06 2019 By Travis
Tennis star Bianca Andreescu; Facts About the US Open Finalist

Bianca Andreescu, the teenager from Canada, is taking the tennis world by storm, from being a qualifier to now getting to the top of the pyramid where she is going to face the tennis icon and one of the most accomplished athletes on the face of the earth, Serena Williams.

For all her short life, Bianca said, Venus Williams was her idol and someone who she looked up to, and now she is facing Venus’ younger sister in the year-end Grand Slam. Entering the tournament, she was coming into the year with low rank and now the final of US Open, which is beyond belief. Whatever the future holds for the prolific player, this is going to be one hell of a ride for the 19-year-old player.

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Whatever the future holds, the Canadian tennis player will forever cherish the year 2019, where she made history and is on the cusp of greatness and all of it before she even clears her teenage. So, here are the five facts you should know about the talented teenager, her life and career and how a 178 ranked player at the start of 2019 reached the pinnacle of the tennis world.

5. Early Life

Bianca with her father.

Bianca was born on 16 June 2000 in Mississauga, Ontario where she started her schooling but due to some work-related queries from her parents, the future prodigy left her home in Canada and moved to Romania with her parents.


Bianca and her family.

Born to Romanian parents Maria Andreescu and Nicu Andreescu, Bianca was born in Canada after her parents moved to the country. Her father is an engineer who studied at the Transilvania University of Brasov, and her mother, on the other hand, graduated from the University of Craiova. After a work matter made her parents relocate to Canada, she was born in the country of Bears and Maple.

After the whole family came back from Romania, Bianca was already filled with passion for the sports of tennis, and she started training and became serious about the sport. The passion and the training pushed the player forward, and after the encouragement from Simona Halep, She left her amateur tag and turned pro.

4. Her Inspiration; Her Parents


The teenage tennis sensation will always credit her parents first, the people who were responsible for making her who she is and also inspired her work ethic. Her decisiveness we see on the screen and on-court is all due to her mother and father who always taught her to focus and give her best.

Bianca's Coach

Bianca and her coach Sylvain Bruneau.

Source: WTA Tennis

One of the biggest problems a young athlete faces during their budding career is the lack of self-trust and calmness. It is not the problem with the player; she says her calmness comes from meditation which she was taught by her mother. The other person who helps maintain her performance on the court is her coach Sylvain Bruneau who makes sure she is in tune and ready to face whichever opponent is in front of her in the day.

3. Her Wins

Though a prolific junior’s player, her career before she turned pro was riddled with injuries due to her growing body and her height which currently stands at 5 ft 7 in. Bianca’s first career win came at Indian Wells Open where she won the final against Angelique Kerber. The game was played on Hardcourt, and this was the first time she won a major singles tournament.

With her next win, the Canadian made history when she became the first person born in Canada to win the Canadian Open in more than 50 years. In the Canadian, Open Bianca won the final against Serena Williams where Serena retired after the fourth set. The win was not how she planned to win, but Bianca was more than happy to bring home the title after more than 50 years. After Serena retired, the teenager went over to her opponent's chair and kneeled down then consoled the player. Bianca knew what it’s like to retire and not be able to continue playing due to injury, but still, the two will be back in the finals in the US Open where they can get the much-awaited rematch.

2. Any Boyfriends?

The player is obviously focused on her career, and there seems to be no time for relationships. She is not interested in dating right now, the player just recently made her way into the top 20 singles player in the world, and she is not looking to slow down. The talented tennis player who didn’t even get to the fourth round in any of the other grand slams this year finally strung some amazing performances together to get to the final of US Open. So, it makes sense, the soon to be Top 10 females players in the world, is going to build on her current form and make sure she continues being a great player.

Relationships are not a priority for the talented player, and it seems she is going to go into her early twenties when finally, she allows dating and the other relationships slide into her life.

1. Bianca’s Net Worth

Bianca and paris

Most of Bianca’s net worth is the result of her earnings from her tennis tournaments. Her total earnings currently stand at $2,417,873 which includes prize money from her two wins in Indian Wells and Canadian Open both of which offered a total cash prize of $9,035,428 and $2,830,000 respectively.

If Bianca wins the final at the US Open, then she will take home a total cash prize of $3,850,000 and even if she loses she will still be able to get $1,900,000 which is a lot of money.

Bianca on holiday.

Bianca is also currently sponsored by Nike, and she promotes Nike apparels on her Instagram page. The player will also be in line to net some huge endorsement deals just by going on the popularity she is able to amass over the whole year. The whole things are going to allow the player to push her net worth beyond $6 million.

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The player is on her way to the final and Serena is no slouch, whatever the result of the final, the whole thing will be a huge motivation and learning curve for the up and coming tennis player.