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Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Caused A Stir With Her Latest Instagram Photo

Published Wed Aug 14 2019 By Sea
Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Caused A Stir With Her Latest Instagram Photo

Even if she looked innocent in the photo, it was the Tennis star's caption that really raised people's eyebrows.

It's alright to joke about stuff, especially since we live in a free world. But there are certain choices of words that gets people all riled up. It was a fairly harmless post from Canadian Tennis player Eugenie Bouchard, but it's making people lash out at her. Come on, we all write something like that sometimes.

Bouchard called her stomach fat, and the spectators think she may be sending the wrong message to young girls or anyone who may be struggling with body image issues. Fair point.

Eugenie Bouchard complained about her body on an Instagram post.

Source: Eugenie Bouchard on Instagram

The Canadian athlete who recently returned from a three-month break from tennis posted a picture on Instagram of herself in a sports bra on the court and complained about her arms and stomach. Seems like even an athlete has her body insecurities.

Soon after the post was released, comments came rolling in, telling her to stop using the word 'fat' since she is an example to little girls. Aside from the apparent wrong message, she was blamed for seeking attention on social media.

One commented, "This is not helpful to the girls that follow you."

Another slammed her, "What kind of role model are you supposed to be for not just woman but young woman. You are a Canadian disgrace. Just terrible."

And another one told her of seeking attention, "I’m finding it so difficult to be a fan of hers any longer. So vain, seeking attention, and no game to back it up. Why Genie?"

There is a much notable comment that stands out above the rest. The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco, who is set to star in new streaming drama 'The Flight Attendant', gave away, "I’m gonna punch you." And she responded with, "Look who's talking," adding three crying emojis at the end of the reply. Good luck finding the comment though. It seems to be removed exactly at the time of writing this article.

It seems this world will stir up anything into a big headline once any celebrity says something remotely controversial. Normal people do that too, but it's not important the world. However, Bouchard did receive consolations from some fans. She possesses quite the positive army of followers as well.

Many of Genie's followers stated that "it's okay" to struggle with body image. One of them said she looked amazing, regardless of how she feels. Others wanted people to stop with the backlashes. Probably the most reassuring comment was, "It’s not fat. You’re just a bit thick. And maybe the breasts are small disproportionately for your overall physique?"

Some fans consoled and supported Eugenie as well.
Some fans consoled and supported Eugenie as well.

Source: Eugenie Bouchard on Instagram

The first Canadian to reach the Grand Slam singles tournament in the 2014 Wimbledon Championships, Bouchard became bold yet another time against one of the critics.

Not looking for attention, I’m actually making fun of myself. And showing it’s okay not to be perfect! Because none of us are. I’m poking fun at myself bruhhh you should try it, it’s fun.

This is not the first time that the star clapped back at the fans. She recently set some records straight and shut down the critics who complained about the lifestyle she documents in the media. It's not like Justin Bieber's using death to promote clothing brand' controversy. She's playing it cool.