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'The Affair' Star Ruth Wilson - Who Is Her Partner? Does She Have A Husband?

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By Travis
'The Affair' Star Ruth Wilson - Who Is Her Partner? Does She Have A Husband?

'The Affair' was seemingly a generic story about to people straying from their married relationships and being involved in an extramarital affair. Not a revelation, no way a great story, done a million times and a troupe used to ad nauseam but ‘The Affair’ was something which struck a chord with audiences and a seemingly innocuous story wasn’t made into a soap opera but turned into a poignant look into the strain, extramarital affair, puts on the life of not only the instigators but also the bystanders.

The reason ’The Affair’ worked was due to the performances of the people involved in the project, especially Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, Maura Tierney, and Joshua Jackson. But the best of the whole cast was Ruth Wilson, and it was nothing new for the actress who gave great performances after great performances when it comes to her involvement in various projects. From 'Jane Eyre' to 'Luther' to a look into her own grandmother’s life in 'Mrs. Wilson', there is no shortage of great performances by the actress.

Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson played in numerous critically acclaimed movies and TV shows.
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But the problem with Ruth’s involvement in most of the projects in her acting career is, she is almost always linked with most of her co-stars. There are so many instances where Ruth is said to be involved in a relationship with one of the male leads in the play, movie or TV show she is doing, even the actress is starting to find humor in all of the incessant rumors of the tabloids.

Ruth Wilson’s Partners Are Only In Movies, And TV Shows Not In Real Life

Jake Gyllenhaal kissign the hand of Ruth Wilson while on stage.

It seems like Ruth is on the hook for almost all the male co-stars; she appears in movies and TV shows with. One of the first relationships she was linked to was Jake Gyllenhaal, they were working together on a play, and people were speculations the two were getting closer while preparing and doing the show together. She was promoting the show when one of the reporters was getting to her indirectly about the relationship she was supposedly involved in with Jake, and the actress was quick to nip the whole thing in the bud. She is not or was not ever involved in a romantic relationship with Ruth.

Then there was the rumored relationship between Jude Law and her, she shared the screen with the actor in the movie Anna Christie, and again the tabloids were more than insistent the two were dating. There was some substance to this rumor though, the two were seen together out and about a couple of times after their work together was over. Again, she needed to clear the rumor and tell the people she was not dating her co-star.

Jude Law and Ruth Wilson
Ruth Wilson and Jude Law were seen out and about a couple of times after their working days were over.

Source: Daily Mail

Johnny Depp was the weird one for her and according to the actress, baffling as well, considering the two didn’t share a single moment on screen together. Ruth was playing a character in the Disney movie ‘The Lone Ranger’ where the actress was involved for a short period of time and there was a scene in the film where Johnny Depp’s character 'Tonto' is throwing coals at the head of the Ruth’s character but according to the actress, Depp wasn’t even there during the shoot, and the person throwing the coal at her head was a stand-in. Her supposed relationship with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' even made the headline in some tabloids.

The actress said, she printed the cover and decided to put it in her bathroom and living room. The whole thing was funny to her, and she also confirmed to James Corden she always gets put next to her co-stars.

Watch: Ruth Wilson explains how she is always linked with her co-stars

Then finally there was Joshua Jackson, her partner in the series ‘The Affair,’ and again tabloids were ready to tether the two together which was infuriating and funny to the actress. The actress didn’t even dignify the whole thing with a yes or no question, and she went her own way after the fourth season which was her last in the series with only a guest appearance in the later parts.

Is Ruth Wilson Married?

Ruth Wilson in Mrs. Wilson

In total certainty, we can say the actress Ruth Wilson is not married to anyone and also not dating any of her co-stars. She is happy being single and her life is simple, unlike her grandmother’s life where she was involved in a marriage with an MI6 agent and didn’t realize he was working for the government till after he died. The whole story of her grandmother is funny, heartbreaking, and totally unrealistic, something which seemingly came out of a fictional novel.

Ruth played her grandmother in a show she also executive produced the three-part limited series which was probably influential to the actress. Ruth said she got the diary of her grandmother when she was 15, and since then the whole collection of her grandmother’s experience was most probably influential towards her personal life also.

Watch: Ruth Wilson plays her grandmother in Mrs. Wilson

Though the actress is not married yet and is overtly person when it comes to her private life, one of these days we are bound to get news of Ruth finding the right person for her and wedding bells won’t be pretty far then. When she does decide to let the right person in, it will be a great deal, and then we will be ready to speculate about when she is ready to get married.

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