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The Flash 2023 Has Fans Divided!

Published Fri Mar 10 2023 By vicky
The Flash 2023 Has Fans Divided!

Let's be honest 2022 wasn't a good year for any superhero movies. From the tragedy we called Morbius to a letdown of Love and Thunder, fans await a film to rally behind, like the 2008's Iron Man. DC's own Black Adam saw mixed reviews, but The Flash 2023 became a shining beacon of hope for the fans despite Ezra Miller's long list of scandals that came to light in 2022.

After the release of The Flash 2023 trailer, fans lost their minds in a good way. However, a divide came because the movie looked good. Now, some fans stated they forgive Miller for his crimes. The other half of the spectrum wants to boycott the film. So, what's got the fans so riled up about the upcoming speedster movie? Keep reading to know the whole drama of The Flash 2023.

The Flash 2023 Tells The Flashpoint Storyline!

Arguably one of the best storylines in DC, The Flashpoint, stays beloved by millions of fans. The Flash 2023 aims to retell the story by bringing back some of the iconic actors in DC movies, i.e., Michael Keaton's Batman! Keaton's return to the cowl became the selling factor of the movie.

Ezra Miller in The Flash costume.
Ezra Miller in The Flash costume.
Source: Bleedingfool

The DC movie takes some creative liberty by changing Superman's role. Instead of capturing Kal El, Sasha Calle is taken as a prisoner as Supergirl! Similarly, another noticeable change would be two Barry Allen in the story.

Flashpoint played a significant role in the comics, as the storyline was used to "reboot" the franchise for the newer generation. Now, since the fall of DCEU after the 2017's Justice League, The Flash 2023 could play a similar role. James Gun took the helm of DC EP for Warner Bros. in 2022. The Flash film may be their way to move forward with their product. Zack Snyder's cut of The Justice League won the fans back and paved the way for more DC movies.

The Flash 2023 Was In Production Hell For Years!

Originally Warner Bros. announced The Flash in 2014, along with their other movies like Justice League, Wonder Woman, etc. After Justice League 2017, the theatrical cut flopped the speedster film looked shakey.

Six years! It took the people behind the project six years to start. And it wasn't even for the movie to begin filming. 

In 2020, the production of the movie finally got a green light. And by April 2021, principal photography was initiated under the name Baby Shower.

The global crisis, COVID-19, halted production indefinitely. However, Andy Muschietti wanted to film despite the odds stacked against him. The pandemic was the least of his worries Muschietti's challenge would be the star of the movie Ezra Miller.

Allegations against Ezra Miller became Public.

Ezra Miller came to fame as a lovable teen in 2008's Afterschool. Over the years, Miller became accustomed to fame, and his actions became eccentric as he grew. 

Ezra Miller had a string of controversies before and after filming the Flash movie.
Ezra Miller had a string of controversies before and after filming the Flash movie.
Source: Okayplayer

Ezra first came to clash with the law in 2016. The Flash actor was arrested for disorderly conduct and possessing marijuana. But the famed Hollywood star only received a $600 fine. Miller's following arrests after he played Flash in Justice League shook fans to the core.

Imagine getting choked by a celeb you look up to. Miller knocked a woman down and strangled the unnamed lady. In the now-deleted video, Ezra was seen squeezing a woman in Prikið Kaffihús, a bar in Reykjavík, Iceland. Miller's clip surfaced on April 6, 2020.

Miller's next big scandal came in 2022. And some of the most heinous offense Ezra made was in 2022. The Flash star groomed a minor, kept a mother and her children against their will, and burglary. Miller pleaded not guilty to the burglary charges but later pleaded guilty to trespassing.

Fans stated They "Forgive" Miller After a Glimpse At The Flash 2023!

No doubt that The Flash 2023 looks enticing to the fans. So much so that fans took to social media to claim their "forgiveness" toward the lead of the movie Ezra Miller.

Among the many things that trended were the memes about the first look at the film and Miller. Fans posted many, and we mean many, about "forgiving" Ezra on social media. 

While some fans can hardly wait for the movie to come out, the other half of the fanbase wants nothing to do with it. However, one thing both sides of the spectrum agree on is, The Flash 2023 movie looks incredible. 

What Miller did was terrible, and his string of terror led many fans to boycott the Flash film. However, many top stars put their heart and soul into the movie. While the production could have changed the lead, we cannot just walk past the work of everyone involved in the film.