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'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Kelly Dodd - Who Is She Dating?

Published Fri Sep 13 2019 By Travis
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Kelly Dodd - Who Is She Dating?

'The Real Housewives of Orange County' is on screen for almost 20 years now, created on 21 March 2006; the whole show was witness to so much relationships ups and downs but nothing to the level of Kelly Dodd who is the only cast member with probably one of the volatile relationships in the series. Considering the large cast of the series Kelly Dodd doesn’t really get along with her castmates, and she is not really good at holding down relationships.

Just imagine this for a second, three divorce, two reconciliations, and the same when it comes to relationships. The ebb and flow of relationships and men in her life are beyond mind-numbing, which is interesting for the people watching the show, but it is particularly lonely for the reality star.

Kelly Dodd
Kelly Dodd is trying to find love and it's been an interesting search.

Source: Bravo TV

The longest relationship she was part of was the second marriage with her then-husband, but even then, the husband decided to file for divorce. So, get all the details of all the relationships of Kelly Dodd over the years.

Kelly Is Dating A Fox New Correspondent, Rick Leventhal

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal

Kelly was coming out of a relationship in August where she was seen on the streets singing with her friends, ‘Another one bites the dust.’ Later while on a Barbeque in the Hamptons she met Rick Leventhal who is working as the correspondent for Fox News. The couple only hooked up in August, and now they are on vacation in Italy living the life with getting close on a luxury yacht then later riding on a scooter together.

They are in a whirlwind of romance which is not slowing down by any measure with the reality star recently posting a photo on Instagram, and one of the fans commented, “Rick seems much better then the doctor. Normal and works for Fox. That’s a 10/10 perfect score for me.” But then the RHOC star replied to the comment by saying, “That’s weird because we are getting married 10/10/2020.” This sent the whole thing in a mad run of rumors with the people getting excited the actress is getting married to her new boyfriend.

Instagram comment by Kelly Dodd
Kelly Dodd says she is getting married to Rick in the fall of 2020.

Source: People

To be clear, the couple is not engaged though it seems they already picked out a date for a marriage ceremony for the future. A source close to the couple said they are not engaged, but they are crazy about each other and wedding bells are not far away.

Kelly Broke Up With Plastic Surgeon Brian Reagan

Brian Reagan and Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd was in a relationship with a doctor for over nine months, the couple met last year, and things took off, but the relationship was strenuous for both. They were both involved in an on-again and off-again relationship, which lasted for nine months, and after a point, it was just enough for both for wanting to get away from a volatile relationship.

The reality star broke up with the doctor via multiple Instagram stories and even accused the doctor of cheating on her. Brian never clarified whether he cheated on the actress or not, but he did wish her well for the future. Previously in July the reality star spoke about the surgeon and gushed about their relationship and also said he was getting accepted by her teenage daughter. But the relationship was not to be, and the Kelly ended the whole thing on 15 August.

Her First Marriage To Scott Christopher Silva Which Only Lasted For Three Years

Kelly Dodd

Scott Christopher Silva was married to Kelly for almost three years when he filed for divorce after being unable to reconcile their differences on 12 July 2004. Silva said, he tried to make it work with Kelly, but there was just no “reasonable prospect for reconciliation.” The couple reached a settlement agreement on 14 October of the same year, and they were asked to pay a spousal maintenance fee to each other. The whole divorce went smoothly, and the couple separated and divorced by the end of 2004.

Even though the couple was only together for three years, Kelly still walked away from the relationship with the couple’s house in Scottsdale and the 2001 Audi TT.

Her Longest Relationship Was With Second Husband Michael Dodd

Michael Dodd and Kelly Dodd

After Kelly’s relationship with her first husband ended and there were no children involved between the two, after a year and a half she met Michael Dodd in 2006. The couple quickly made their relationship official and married on 15 April 2006, and before the couple was even one year into their married relationship, Kelly gave birth to their daughter.

The relationship was going fine for about five to six years, and then things started to derail after Michael filed for divorce from his wife and two years later she was arrested for domestic violence and assaulting her husband. The charges resulted in the court forcing the Bravo TV star into therapy, and the case was dismissed after she got her act back together.

Michael Kelly and their daughter.

Michael and Kelly Dodd are the parents of their 13 year old daughter.
Source: Bravo TV

The same year Michael filed for divorce from his wife, and he even accused Kelly of being a bad mother for leaving their daughter at home and going to party with her friends. The couple did reconcile, but the relationship wasn’t meant to be, and the couple filed for divorce again in 2017, and the separation was finalized in February of 2018. The two do remain friends though, co-parenting their 13-year-old daughter.

The relationship she is in right now, seems to be a keeper and people love the two together, maybe this is just the honeymoon phase and the whole thing may break down once they get to the harder parts of their relationship but let’s hope the couple gets married on 10 October 2010 the date she shared on her Instagram comments.