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The Real Truth About Miles Heizer Sexual Orientation

Published Wed Oct 30 2019 By Travis
The Real Truth About Miles Heizer Sexual Orientation

Miles Heizer was only ten years old when his mom decided to move to Los Angeles to allow her young son to pursue a career in acting. Though the move was not supported by his sister, she did it for Miles and later fell in love with LA.

Miles was born on 16 May 1994 in Greenville, Kentucky, to his mother, who was a nurse, and from an early age, the little kid showed a tendency to show business. His taking of the show business was the reason the family moved to LA, and less than a year after the move, the actor was hired for an episode of 'CSI: Miami.'

Miles Heizer inside a gym, giving a thumbs up.
Miles Heizer started his career at the age of 11 and appeared in all the 39 episodes of '13 Reasons Why.'

Source: Instagram

After multiple guest appearances and supporting roles in 'Ghost Whisperer,' 'Shark,' 'Rails & Ties,' 'Private Practice,' and 'ER,' the actor finally got his first starring role in the movie 'Rudderless.' Since 2014 the actor moved on to better things, and the most recognizable role of his career came in the form of 'Alex Standall' in the series '13 Reasons Why.' It was also the appearance in the show, which resulted in a lot of gay rumors for the actor.

Miles Heizer’s On-Screen Romance with Brandon Flynn and Gay Rumors

Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn together.

'13 Reasons Why' is a Netflix series based on the popular Jay Asher book, which tells the story of a suicide and what led the girl to kill herself. Miles plays the character of 'Alex Standall,' one of the friends of 'Hannah Baker,' in the series who was one of the friends of Hannah but later started a rumor which lands him in third place among the reasons why she killed herself.

Alex’s role was limited in the first season of the show, but in the later episodes of the series, he came to his own, and there was a new twist waiting for him in life. The character was involved in a relationship with another character in the show played by Brandon Flynn, and their characters’ romance on-screen was rumored to be bleeding into their real life.

Watch: Brandon Flynn and Miles Heizer share a kiss

There were gay rumors about the two actors after they were seen together on multiple occasions, out and about. They also appeared on each other’s Instagram page frequently, and fans started to believe in the gay rumors. This resulted in the actor’s agent coming out and telling the world the two were close friends and were not dating or in a relationship.

Mae Whitman and the Close Relationship with Miles Heizer

Miles Heizer and Mae Whitman share a kiss.

Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer met on the set of the series 'Parenthood' where they played brother and sister, and not only did the characters form a great bond on-screen, they also cared for each other in real life. During the filming of the show, there were reports the two actors moved in together, and there were rumors they were in a relationship.

To further flame the relationship fire, the two shared a post on Instagram where they were seen kissing, and Mae captioned the photo, “Happy national kiss your brother day everyone!!!” But then the romance calls were quelled when the duo explained the two shares a bond, which is unique, and they are more than friends but not in a relationship.

Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer together.
Mae Whitman and Mile Heizer share a bond but they are not in a relationship.

Source: Instagram

Mae explained the relationship is extremely close, but they are not a couple. She still makes appearances in Miles’ Instagram, but the bond between the two seems to be platonic.

The reason why the actor and his sexual orientation is hard to deduce is because he is seen with both ladies and men. There is no sign of pride flags when it comes to his Instagram or other social media platforms, and then the actor is also seen with other ladies, which is what confuses people. Going by what the internet is saying, the actor is gay, but we cannot confirm this assumption.

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