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The Walking Dead Season 10: Finally a Scary Episode Since Season 9 Mid-Season Finale, Plus *Spoiler's* Death!

Published Mon Nov 18 2019 By Travis
The Walking Dead Season 10: Finally a Scary Episode Since Season 9 Mid-Season Finale, Plus *Spoiler's* Death!

Finally an episode of The Walking Dead which gives you goosebumps and scares you!

'The Walking Dead' is one of the most frustrating shows to watch ever since the second half of the sixth season. Don’t get us wrong; there were terrible episodes before the sixth season, but what happened after was such a divisive turn of event, some fans bailed soon after, and there is a constant stream of low ratings every season hence.

The critical reception of the subsequent series also waned off from the heights of the glory days of season 2-5. The biggest problem with the show was the fact there were way too many filler episodes where nothing in particular happened, and then there would be one or two explosive episodes, and we were back to walking with the dead again.

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But the mid-season finale of season nine was a massive turning point for the series, 'Rick' was gone (maybe an unpopular opinion – his character was stale at this point) and it seemed like happiness was here to stay for the four communities. Then, came the 'Whisperers,' and 'Jesus' was killed in a really scary fashion, we won’t lie, this gave us goosebumps for the first time since the family was locked in the cannibal farm and Rick gave the speech of the people on the other side not knowing who they were messing with.

The reason we love the mid-season finale of 'The Walking Dead' season nine is, we expected the whisperers to come, and when Jesus’ fight started to be in slow motion, we knew he was about to be killed by one of the skins. But still, when the 'Whisperer' emerged and killed 'Jesus,' we were shocked and scared for the first time.

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When the latest episode of 'The Walking Dead' arrived, it brought the same level of anxiety and emotion as when the Whisperers first made their appearance. The seventh episode in season ten was unexpected, and after so many people in Alexandria started to get sick, we knew there was something deep in play inside the walls of the community.

Major Spoilers for Episode 7 of Season 10 ahead! Turn Back now if you are still waiting to see it, or if you don’t care, then carry on. Everyone knew 'Dante' was weird, and he appeared out of nowhere, but no one questioning him really at being anything other than a creep at best. But then the final moments of the latest episode happened, and in the flashbacks, we saw something which is still giving up goosebumps.

Dante and Siddiq are were at the fore front in the seventh episode of The Walking Dead season 10.
Dante and Siddiq are were at the fore front in the seventh episode of The Walking Dead season 10.

Source: Daily Mail

Well, it was 'Dante' who was poisoning the water supply and the reason why all the people in Alexandria were getting sick. No one ever suspected 'Dante' being the inside-man for 'Alpha,' and we as a viewer paid a small shocking price while 'Siddiq' paid the high cost of losing his life at the hands of a man he considered his friend for a while.

Dante being the informant for 'Alpha' was a revelation almost no one saw coming, and also, the ending was the reason why it is one of the best-rated episodes of the past two seasons on IMDb. The episode was also aptly named 'Open Your Eyes,' which, as we learned, was what 'Alpha' said to 'Siddiq' while she hacked his friends, and it was also what 'Dante' said to the doctor as he held open his eyes to see 'Enid' die.

Watch: Dante kills Siddiq in the night after he reveals himself as a Whisperer

But 'Open Your Eyes' was also what the show was telling us all because for the longest time we were thinking 'Alpha' was trying to get information about Alexandria, but while our and the characters of the show’s eyes were wide open no one saw the deception right in front of our eyes.

This is the reason why we love this episode, and it all completed the 'Siddiq' storyline after him being the most irritating part of the new season, he served his purpose, and now everything seems to make sense. We are not extremely hopeful for the show considering 'Michonne' will be gone next season, but 'Maggie' is also returning, and the series seems to head in the right direction for now.

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Oh, by the way, 'Negan' was nowhere to be seen, and we need out 'Negan' fix when 'The Walking Dead' returns for the mid-season finale on 22 November 2019. It seems the show we fell in love with way back in the day seems to be coming back, maybe it is wishful thinking, but we would like to stay on this bubble for a little longer.

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