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Who was Thierry Mugler? A Look Inside His Career and Net Worth

Published Mon Jan 24 2022 By Tashipalmo
Who was Thierry Mugler? A Look Inside His Career and Net Worth

Thierry Mugler's career and his net worth: The complete details here!  

An influential figure in the fashion industry, Thierry Mugler's was a name every big star in the 80s sought. He was a French fashion designer, creative director, and creative adviser of Mugler. During his decades-long career, he dressed a host of iconic celebs, including Demi Moore, David Bowie, Diana Ross, and Grace Jones.  

The fashion designer was born on December 21, 1948, in Strasbourg, France. Not much is known about Mugler's early life except that he showed innate interests and passion for arts at a very young age. Mugler started studying classical dance at 9 and even pursued ballet dancing briefly. He died of an unrevealed natural cause on 23 Janaury, aged 73.  

Thierry Mugler's net worth at the time of his death!  

As a teenager, the French designer was a student at Rhin Opera ballet corps. An intuitive and passion-driven kid, Mugler was simultaneously studying interior designing at Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts. In his early twenties, Thierry started designing ready-to-wear outfits for fashion houses until finding the Cafe de Paris in 1973, and eventually the ultimate brand Thierry Mugler.  

Thierry Mugler had an estimated net worth of $20 million.

 Mugler launched his namesake brand in 1974. 
Photo Source: Instagram

As per The Sun, Mugler had an estimated net worth of a whopping $20 million at the time of his death. The greatest source of his staggering fortune was his namesake brand, but Mugler's decades-long career wasn't short of other endeavors that endowed him with a high income. Mugler gained wide commercial success in the 90s for his avant-garde approach to designs.  

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He would collaborate with Claude Montana and Azzedine Ala├»a in the 90s, and by 1992, Mugler had completed his haute couture collection. What made his work a standout from the rest designers was Mugler's bustling passion for the human body that he sheerly represented in his work. He was also a camera enthusiast and directed plenty of short films and advertisements during his career. 

Thierry Mugler was a French fashion designer.

  Mugler retired from fashion in 2002 and launched a high-end cosmetic and fragrance line. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Mugler faced a financial setback in 2002, after which he retired from fashion, but he didn't give up on designing. He launched high-end cosmetic, Thierry Mugler Beauty, in 2008 and briefly worked as artistic advisor to Beyonce. Thierry even took up bodybuilding and ordained himself as Manfred after his retirement. The French designer was the magician behind Kim Kardashian's iconic "wet couture dress," in the 2019 Met Gala.   

Thierry Mugler: The Angel perfume creator!  

From showing ingrained flair and excellence in dancing, designing, couture, and bodybuilding, Mugler's next endeavor didn't come as a shock as much it came as a genuine wonderment. After building his fashion empire, Thierry launched his first perfume, Angel, in 1992 and gradually became known as a perfume king.   

Beyonce, Diana Ross and others mourn the death of Mugler. Source: French 24 English

The Angel creator released a male-focused fragrance line called Angel Men or A*Men, in 1998, and in 2005, followed the line with his fragrance line called Alien. Sources at the time estimated that Angel and Alien were generating around $280 million in sales per year. The perfume connoisseur's other major edition to his fragrance line was Angel Muse in 2015 and Angel Nova in 2020.  

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The French designer's sudden death was announced via his official Instagram page. He reportedly died on natural cause on January 23. "#RIP We are devastated to announce the passing of Mr. Manfred Thierry Mugler on Sunday, January 23, 2022. May his soul Rest In Peace," the message read. Mugler was single at the time of his death. Learn his relationship history here.

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