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Titus Welliver's Better Half: The World of Jose Stemkens, Image Consultant Extraordinaire

Published Mon Dec 04 2023 By Bsgurung
Titus Welliver's Better Half: The World of Jose Stemkens, Image Consultant Extraordinaire

Jose Stemkens, born on December 29, 1987, is a 35-year-old South African ex-model and fashion entrepreneur, notable as the fourth wife of actor Titus Welliver. They married in 2014 but divorced in 2019. Stemkens transitioned from modeling during her student days to working with various fashion brands, accumulating valuable experience. 

Eventually, she launched her successful fashion brand. Presently, as a 35-year-old fashion entrepreneur, Stemkens manages multiple thriving firms, showcasing her journey from modeling to a flourishing career in the fashion industry following her marriage to Titus Welliver.

Exchanged Wedding Vows With Mrs. Jose Welliver

Jose Stemkens, now Mrs. Jose Welliver, married actor Titus Welliver on April 12, 2014, in a charming ceremony at Saddle Peak Lodge, Calabasas, California. The couple, who kept details of their initial meeting private, enjoyed a lengthy dating period before exchanging vows. 

Titus Welliver wife
Image: Titus Welliver with his fourth wife, Jose Stemkens during the wedding. Source: People

The bride, adorned in a stunning Herve Leger gown, captivated attendees. Tiana Scharf of The Exotic Green Garden orchestrated the event and handled floral arrangements, while entertainment was provided by Trash Honey. 

Notable guests included Stemkens' family from Holland, adding a personal touch to the celebration. The union marked a beautiful chapter in the couple's journey.

Divorced With Titus Welliver

Jose Stemkens and Titus Welliver's seven-year marriage ended in a divorce finalized in January 2021 after a year-long legal process following Titus's filing in April 2019. Court documents reveal Titus's monthly alimony payment of $27,000 and the equitable distribution of joint assets. 

Stemkens received six horses and a 2017 Range Rover, while Titus retained properties like bank accounts, residuals, a Mini Cooper, a 2014 Harley-Davidson, and more. 

Stemkens was Titus's fifth wife, preceded by Heather Wielandt, Dani Sexton, Joanna Heimbold, and the late Elizabeth W. Alexander, who succumbed to cancer in 2012. The divorce marked the end of Titus's fifth marriage.

Does Jose Stemkens Have Any Kids? 

Jose Stemkens and Titus Welliver's marriage was childless, and Stemkens had no biological children. However, during their union, she fulfilled the role of stepmother to Titus's three children: Cora from his fourth marriage to Elizabeth W. Alexander, and sons Eamonn and Quinn from his marriage to Joanna Heimbold. 

Details about the children are scarce in the media, and with the dissolution of Stemkens and Welliver's marriage, any ongoing relationship between Stemkens and the children appears to have ceased.

Fashion World

Jose Stemkens, a prominent figure in the fashion world, attended Bouwens van der Boijecollege in Holland before embarking on a successful career. With roots in South Africa and Holland, Stemkens began her fashion journey at 21 with the Mata Hari Multi Chain store in Holland, later working for a Dusseldorf wholesale clothes company. 

After a thriving modeling career, she transitioned into a fashion consultant. Stemkens, known for her dedication and hard work, achieved remarkable professional growth before marrying Titus Welliver. Residing in California, she continues to make significant contributions to the fashion industry as a successful entrepreneur and consultant.

Ex-Spouse, Titus Welliver is an Actor

Titus Welliver, born on March 12, 1961, is an accomplished American actor known for his versatile performances across film and television. With a career spanning decades, Welliver has become a recognizable face in the entertainment industry. 

Jose Stemkens husband and daughter
Image: Jose Stemkens with her ex-husband and kid. Source: Getty Images

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, he initially pursued painting before transitioning to acting. Welliver's talent has graced various genres, from crime dramas like "Bosch," where he portrayed the titular character, to blockbuster films such as "Transformers: Age of Extinction" and "Argo." 

His compelling portrayals and on-screen presence have solidified Welliver's status as a respected figure in Hollywood, earning him acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Net Worth of Jose Stemkens in 2023

As of 2023, Jose Stemkens boasts a projected net worth of $1.5 million, primarily stemming from her successful ventures in the fashion industry, notably as the owner of a consulting firm. Her annual income is estimated to surpass $120,000

Notably, Stemkens also shares in the wealth of her ex-husband, actor Titus Welliver, contributing to his estimated net worth of $4 million

Stemkens' financial success is intricately tied to her thriving career in fashion and her association with Welliver, combining to solidify her standing in both the business and entertainment realms.

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Height and Weight

Jose Stemkens, with hazel eyes and colored hair, stands at 5 ft 6 inches (168 cm) and weighs approximately 55 kg (121 lbs). Her body measurements are 36-24-38 inches. The article concludes by inviting feedback in the comments section.

Age and BioBorn on December 29, 1987, in Thembisa, South Africa, Jose Stemkens is currently 36 years old as of 2023. Although originally from South Africa, she was raised in the Netherlands.

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