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'TOOTSIE' Teri Garr admitted to Hospital After Suffering 'Medical Emergency'

Published Tue Dec 31 2019 By rhyss
'TOOTSIE' Teri Garr admitted to Hospital After Suffering 'Medical Emergency'

Teri Garr in a medical emergency!

Many of you might remember the movie, "Young Frankenstein" then surely you remember Teri Garr. Sadly, the iconic comic actress is currently in hospital care.

According to TMZ, the actress is in a medical emergency. It is said authorities received an emergency phone call from her residence in San Fernando Valley at around 10:30 AM on Monday. She was then immediately transferred to a local medical center.

Though the exact cause behind this tragic incident is not known, it is said she had a stroke.

Teri Garr has been hospitalized following a suspected stroke.

The veteran actress has suffered from multiple health issues in the past so it is quite evident, her current situation is due to some of these issues.

In 1999, she was diagnosed with multiple-sclerosis. Then in December 2006, she went into coma for a week due to brain aneurysm.

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Her drive for acting didn't stop and she made a full recovery and soon returned to acting. Later on, she retired from the profession in 2011.

In her decades of career, she starred in over 140 films and even got an Oscar nomination for her work in 'Tootsie.' She is also a trained ballet.

Garr is a single woman after her divorce with husband, John O'Neil in 1996. The duo shares one daughter, Molly O'Neil whom they adopted right after she was born.

Best wishes for her speedy recovery!

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