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Top 5 Little Luxuries Which You Can Buy Even When You Are Broke AF!

Published Wed Apr 17 2019 By Chester
Top 5 Little Luxuries Which You Can Buy Even When You Are Broke AF!

What is luxury? Is luxury only for rich people? When people hear about luxury they think of fancy cars, restaurants, expensive drinks, private jets, and hot girls. Well, luxury is just a feeling of great comfort which we can get even through the smallest and cheapest things.

So, here we present you list of 5 Little Luxuries which you can buy even when you are broke AF.

5. Bonsai Tree Light

Bonsai Tree light
SOURCE: Amazon

Looking at the tree with lights and falling off to sleep is the best thing that anyone could wish for their fancy bedroom.

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It is available in white and delicate pink lights and only for $18.25

4. Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter 
SOURCE: AliExpress

Give your living room a luxurious vibe by decorating plants with this hanging macrame planter at the cheap price of $23.

3. Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket
SOURCE: Amazon

Have a cozy sleep like a king with these cheap, soft and soothering throw blankets starting at price of just $11.

2. Neck and Back Massage Pillow with Heat

Fell the experience of an expensive massage parlor in your home.
SOURCE: Amazon

Have a massage parlor experience in your home, office, cars and so forth with a cheap and affordable electric massager. The product is luxurious as it sounds which helps you relieve body pains especially use it on the back for several different positions, CrossFit and even for arms and feet.

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The multi-tasking cozy product is available at the price of just $29.

1. Inflatable Lounger

Inflatable Lounger 
SOURCE: Amazon

This Inflatable Lounge is very reliable as well as luxurious as it is portable, waterproof and anti-air leaking. So, take it in the swimming pool, make it a couch for backyard or even carry it while traveling.

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The product is available at a price of just $35.98.