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Traylor Howard's Journey to Love and Happiness: Meet Her Beloved Spouse, Jarel Portman

Published Tue Sep 12 2023 By Bsgurung
Traylor Howard's Journey to Love and Happiness: Meet Her Beloved Spouse, Jarel Portman

While many musicians find fulfillment in their music careers and the celebrity lifestyle, others like Jarel Portman have a broader range of interests. In addition to his musical success, Jarel is a thriving real estate developer and entrepreneur. 

He seamlessly balances his roles as a businessman and a singer. Notably, he is also recognized as the husband of the famous American actress, Traylor Howard. Jarel's background is deeply rooted in real estate development and architecture, owing to his renowned father's legacy in these fields.

Exchanged Wedding Vows With Wife, Traylor Elizabeth Howard

Jarel Portman is happily married to Traylor Elizabeth Howard, a renowned actress in the United States. Their love story began in 2004 when they first crossed paths. 

Jarel Portman children
Image: Jarel Portman kids in the frame. Source: Instagram

Although they had initially met back in the 1980s, their lives took separate directions for various reasons. However, destiny had other plans for them. 

After a decade apart, they reconnected and rekindled their friendship. Eventually, after seven years of nurturing their bond, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and got married in 2011.

How Many Kids Does, Jarel Portman Have? 

Jarel Portman is a proud father to three children. From his first marriage, he has a daughter named Penn Portman and a son named Miles Portman. The identity of their mother has not been publicly disclosed in the media.

In his current marriage to Traylor Howard, the couple shares a son named Julien Portman, who was born in 2012. Additionally, Howard's son Peter Angelos, also known as Sabu, was part of the Portman household and was considered a part of the family.

Get To Know Traylor Howard

Traylor Howard is a well-known American actress celebrated for her versatile and captivating performances in both television and film. Born on June 14, 1966, in Orlando, Florida, she embarked on her acting journey with early roles in TV shows like "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" and "Boston Common." 

However, it was her portrayal of Natalie Teeger in the popular TV series "Monk" that catapulted her to widespread recognition and critical acclaim. 

Traylor's talent and charisma have earned her a dedicated fan base, and her contributions to the entertainment industry continue to be admired and remembered by audiences worldwide.

Jarel Portman's Net Worth in 2023

Jarel Portman, serving as the Managing Director of Portman House, has enjoyed a prosperous career in real estate development. His initial project with Portman Holdings was valued at an impressive $46 million, indicative of his substantial achievements in the field. 

Jarel Portman spouse
Image: Jarel Portman with his wife, Traylor Howard. Source: Facebook

This professional success has translated into a considerable net worth, with Jarel Portman estimated to be worth millions of dollars. In contrast, Traylor Howard, the acclaimed actress, boasts a net worth of $2 million. Jarel Portman, known for his discerning taste, currently owns a luxurious Audi 5 valued at approximately $43,575.

Jarel's multifaceted role encompasses overseeing brand marketing initiatives for Portman Holdings and managing a dedicated project team. His responsibilities extend to delivering Portman House serviced apartment buildings that align with the brand's high standards. 

Jarel Portman's Atlanta's JPX Works LLC

With the wealth of experience accumulated during his tenure at Portman Holding, it was only a matter of time before Jarel embarked on his independent entrepreneurial journey. 

That moment arrived when he established JPX Works LLC, a real estate development firm specializing in revitalization projects and urban development. 

As an entrepreneur, Jarel has thrived, and his company is now estimated to be valued at approximately $200 million. This achievement underscores his remarkable success in the world of real estate development.

Age, Wiki, and Parents

Born on May 14, 1962, in the United States, Jarel Portman holds American citizenship and is of Caucasian ethnicity. He practices the Christian faith. Jarel's father is the renowned architect and developer, John Portman, while his mother is named Jan Newton, though her profession remains undisclosed. 

He spent his formative years in a residence known as Entelechy, alongside his five siblings: Jae Portman, John Calvin Portman III, Jeffrey Lin Portman, Michael Portman, and Jana Portman.

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Height and Weight

Jarel Portman maintains an impressive physique, embodying both attractiveness and robust health. Standing at a height of 6 feet 4 inches, he projects a commanding presence. However, specific details about his body weight remain undisclosed to the public, leaving information about his hip, chest, and waist measurements unavailable at this time. 

These measurements are currently under review. Regarding his physical appearance, Jarel possesses striking features, including blonde hair and captivating brown eyes, which undoubtedly contribute to his overall charisma and appeal.

Social Media Appearances

Jarel Portman is a well-known superstar who values his privacy, reflected in his choice to keep his personal life hidden from the public eye. He maintains a private Instagram account with over 1.1K followers and nearly 1.8K posts. This means that only a select few individuals have access to his Instagram updates.

Traylor Howard actress
Image: Young Traylor Howard is an American actress. Source: VUDU

On Twitter, he has been active since December 2011 but has only accumulated 452 followers with 3.6K tweets, suggesting that he doesn't dedicate much time to social media. Despite his limited online following, he boasts millions of devoted fans and supporters in real life.

Additionally, Jarel Portman maintains a Facebook presence, where he has 395 followers and shares photos of himself and his close friends. Notably, he is not active on YouTube or TikTok. Overall, Jarel Portman is a private individual despite his public figure status, with a relatively modest online presence compared to his offline popularity.

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