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Is Vikings star Alex Høgh Andersen Dating? Five Facts About the Danish Star

Published Fri Sep 13 2019 By Travis
Is Vikings star Alex Høgh Andersen Dating? Five Facts About the Danish Star

When Game of Thrones was starting to rule the TV world, everyone was looking to get their own sword and sandal TV series. Most of the other channels failed to really put together a coherent story for the viewers but out of all the thrash one series rose above all, Vikings, on History Channel. The series was a revelation and based on real-life characters, though the character of Ragnar is disputed by historians; still, the show is one of the fan-favorites.

One of the reasons why the series works is because of the great characters and actors playing those characters. One of those great casting jobs by the series was hiring Alex Høgh Andersen who was brought in to play 'Ivar the Boneless'. He is one of the newer cast members of the show and was hired to play in the fourth season, he took over the role of Ivar from a kid in season three and they were shown to be grown up in season four when 'Ragnar' decided it was time to come back to his kingdom after the loss in France.

Alex Høgh Andersen
Alex Høgh Andersen plays Ivar the Boneless in the acclaimed series Vikings.

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Alex was playing the character as a cripple, and he was limited to a cart for most of the series which led to the actor, saying in an interview, he wouldn’t mind getting some legs under him for his next job after Vikings season six airs the final episode for the season and for the series. In lieu of the fact, let’s see some of the fact about the Instagram celebrity and actor, so, here are the five facts about the Vikings star and Ivar the Boneless actor, Alex Høgh Andersen.

5. Alex Høgh Andersen Dating Life Is On The Back Burners

Alex Høgh Andersen photographing

The thing is Alex Høgh is a beautiful human being, like most of the cast members of the Vikings, all of them look beautiful. And people are always s on the look-out for who the stars are dating, but sometimes, some actors just don’t get time for dating. It is particularly true for Alex, who is busy with so many work commitments; he is just not ready to commit to a relationship or a girlfriend.

The actor is an aspiring photographer who wants to release a book with his photos, and he also works with the Danish Red Cross which makes him busier than most when to count in the rigors of acting and the schedule of TV show filming. So, you probably get why the man is not actively seeking to be with someone in a romantic way. It is just too much work he is just no ready for yet, and maybe down the line, we will get to see the actor fall in love with someone who is as awesome ass he is.

4. Like Most All Good Actors, He Started In Theatre

Alex Høgh Andersen

A good actor gets all the tools he/she needs before getting into acting, such as study acting and learning from people who’ve done it before them. Andersen followed the same path and then decided he needed to prove himself to the theatre crowd, which lead him to work in some productions back home in Denmark. The theatre work led him to TV and movies where he was hired to play a character in the Oscar-nominated film 'A War', but Andersen doesn’t like to talk about it much, considering his character was a blown to pieces before the movie timer hit ten minutes.

Cooped up in the studio and acting in a controlled environment was something he was familiar with in theatre but when he started acting in movies, it was then the things started to get a little uncomfortable for the actor. He was in Ireland to shoot some scene, and he said it was a little culture shock when he first started.

3. Alex Goes For Human Connection Instead Of Digital

If you ask what he thinks about the world, being so connected through the internet, he will tell you there are boon and curse with the world being so close to each other. He loves the fact people can talk to one another, but he also says people are communicating and not talking to one another. He feels it’s become so easy for people to hide behind the screen and say the nastiest things and he just wants people to share a human connection and not through the phone.

Alex even proposed a National No Phone Day and thinks people will like it to be rid of their phone for one day and speak to one another in real life and share a cup of coffee. It kind of sounds nice, the whole human connection and a day free of phone.

2. He Felt Inspired By Heath Ledger And Is A Sucker For Meryl Streep

Alex Høgh Andersen

When Alex was asked about who his favorite band is when it comes to music, he said Frank Ocean, like who isn’t a fan of Frank Ocean and his heartbreaking songs. And the actor he would most like to work with, in his career is Daniel Day-Lewis, considering he retired after his magnificent performance in 'Phantom Thread', the likely hood of sharing a screen with the legendary, three times Best Actor Oscar winner, is minimal to none.

Alex said he was also inspired by the acting of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight; it is one of the legendary performances in the history of film, so there is no surprise there. Alex also said he is fascinated by the performance of Tom Hardy, especially his silence and the acting he does with his eyes. Finally, the Ivar actor said, he goes GAGA over Meryl Streep, who isn’t Alex, who isn’t?

1. Alex's Mother Forced Him Into Acting

Alex Høgh Andersen

Most successful actors or actresses, if you ask them when did they realized they wanted to be an actor, most of them will tell you they knew early on in their life. Alex, on the other hand, was not looking to be an actor, and it was not his idea to get into acting. As he tells the story, he was an over-energetic kid who was into playing soccer and then his mother realized there was too much energy leftover in Alex after soccer and she was not ready to handle an overly energized kid.

So, she decided to make him as tired as possible by first getting him to play soccer and then getting him into acting. It was hard at first, but then he realized it was good for him, Alex said, “I was like, “Mom, what are you doing?” And of course, she was right.”

Mom is already right, there is no arguing on that front, and we love the fact Alex is where he is because of his mom, and he gives all of his credit to the person who gave birth to him on 20 May 1994. From a college drop out to now boasting over 1.4 million fans on Instagram and great acting projects lined up, Alex is on his way to greatness. It all started with Vikings, and this show will be the one which will propel him to better things in life when the final season airs this fall on History Channel.