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Watchmen Star Adelaide Clemens - Does She Have a Husband? Get All the Details of Her Dating Life!

Published Fri Sep 27 2019 By Travis
Watchmen Star Adelaide Clemens - Does She Have a Husband? Get All the Details of Her Dating Life!

Adelaide Clemens was born on 30 November 1989 in Australia to an English father, and she was the children of the world growing up. She lived Japan, Hong Kong, and France all before the age of 12, which is when her parents decided a growing lady needed a stable home to learn and be the best person she could be. Her parents decided to settle back in Australia, where she grew up and went to school.

While she was still in high school, the actress started her acting career and soon it was acting she was doing as her fulltime job. The actress finished her education and focused her mind on getting her career started which resulted in the actress getting supporting roles and made her big break in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.'

Adelaide Clemens
Adelaide Clemens traveled the world and started her career while still in high school.

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Adelaide is now one of the sought after actresses when it comes to playing characters in the TV shows, and this persona of hers was something she built over time which was all the cause of the actress letting go of every other aspect of her life. Focusing on her career came with some impact on other aspects of her life.

Adelaide Clemens’ Relationship Status, Is She Married?

Adelaide Clemens laughing

There is pretty little information of the actress beyond the fact she works in movies and TV shows. Whenever she does interviews, there is one topic she never even gets near to, the topic of relationship. The actress is just not comfortable with the notion of airing her personal life for the public’s consumption.

Adelaide always plays her card close to the chest, which is why we cannot confirm she is in a relationship. The actress herself once told BBC she is focused on her career and is not interested in finding love at this moment in time. We’ve never seen the actress out and about with a boyfriend, and even though she was linked with her co-stars in the past, there are no concrete pieces of evidence to put her alongside her co-stars.

Adelaide Clemens during the premiere of The Great Gatsby
Adelaide Clemens appeared in The Great Gatsby.

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It seems she is telling the truth; there is no man in the life of Adelaide whom she is intimate with, and there is an understandably good reason for the actress to want to focus on her career instead of getting hitched. So, no, the actress is not married, and we are not seeing her walking down the aisle any time soon.

Her Appearance as Pirate Jenny in HBOs Watchmen

The still image of Watchmen trailer.

‘Watchmen’ was the comic book series which debuted in the mid-80s from the genius brain of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The graphic novel was adapted into a movie by Zack Snyder for Warner Bros., but the movie only made $185 million on a $130 million budget which resulted in the film not getting a sequel.

The movie did find an audience in home-media, but it was still not enough to revive the franchise, well, until HBO got in the mix and hired Damon Lindelof to adapt the comics into a series.

Watch: The official trailer for Watchmen coming to HBO

Instead of the series being based on the 80s like in the comics the new show will be based in 2019 where there is no internet or cell phone which were developed, and the masked vigilantes are outlawed. When a group of anarchist wearing Rorschach’s mask target cops and start killing them, the police decide to cover their own faces with masks to protect themselves from the people seeking to harm them.

Adelaide is playing the character of 'Pirate Jenny' and considering the whole series is a “remixed” version of the comics, most of the characters in the show will be new and not based on the comics. This is why we know she appears in all ten episodes of the first season, but there is little which is known about the motivation and side she leans in the upcoming series.

Watch: 'Tawney Talbot' in the series Rectify

Though the biggest role of her career was as 'Tawney Talbot,' who was the main cast of the hit and acclaimed series 'Rectify,' her appearance in 'Watchmen' will allow the actress to cement her place among fans of a whole new genre.

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