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What is Chandler Belfort's Net Worth? Know All About it!

Published Tue Feb 09 2021 By Danile
What is Chandler Belfort's Net Worth? Know All About it!

Get the information on much net worth celebrity child Chandler Belfort holds!

Chandler Belfort is the daughter of American author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker Jordan Belfort. For those of you who do not know who Jordan is, you may know him through the 2013 Leonardo DiCaprio starred movie "The Wolf of Wall Street." That's the movie Leo portrayed Jordan.

Despite her dad's venture in various works, she chose to become a mental health counselor and at the moment works at a private clinic. People are curious as to how much Chandler makes from her job. Many are also curious about her net worth. Therefore, we've prepared this article to give the information about it. Don't go anywhere! 

What's Chandler Belfort's Net Worth?

Chandler Belfort is a mental health counselor by profession, and as per her job, she has a net worth of around $500,000. Typically, a mental health counselor makes a salary of $40,000 in a year in the US. 

Chandler Belfort earns thousands of dollars in a year

Chandler Belfort has a net worth of $500,000.
Photo Source: Psychology Today

The lady is relatively new to the industry, and with experience, she will definitely make much more than what she is earning right now. 

Father Jordan Belfort's Net Worth

No matter how much Chandler Belfort might be making in a year right now, it pales in comparison to what her father, Jordan Belfort, makes from public speaking. Reports say the former stockbroker charges $30,000-$75,000 for speaking appearances. 

Jordan Belfort has a net worth of -$100 million.

Chandler Belfort's dad Jordan Belfort charges thousands of dollars by making speaking appearances.
Photo Source: The Richest

Despite his immense service charge, the motivational speaker is by no means a wealthy guy as he is minus $100 million net worth. Because he swindled $200 million from his over 1500 clients, he was ordered to pay $110 million by the court though reports say that he's only paid $11.6 million till now and has almost $100 million still left to repay. You reap what you sow! Good luck, Jordan paying that sum!

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