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Who are Ja'siah Young's Parents? Get Details of His Family!

Published Thu Oct 24 2019 By Travis
Who are Ja'siah Young's Parents? Get Details of His Family!

Every year in the movie and TV industry, there is a newcomer who just steals the heart of everyone watching. Whether it is Dafne Keen in 'Logan' or Jacob Tremblay in 'Room,' little people make people go aww and then fall in love with them. This year was no exception both because another actor is making some moves in the show business and people love it.

Ja’Siah Young is the talented young performer who is making a case for himself as the next up and coming talent in Hollywood. With only three released credits to his name, the actor is slowly making his mark in the show business. The reason Ja’Siah shot into the limelight was because of his star-making performance in the Netflix sci-fi show 'Raising Dion.'

Ja’Siah Young is the star of the show Raising Dion on Netflix.
Ja’Siah Young is the star of the show Raising Dion on Netflix.

The eight-year-old actor was born on 9 August 2011 in Easton, Pennsylvania, and from a young age, there were signs of stardom in the little Ja’Siah. He's listed with Look Models Actors Agency through which the little actor appeared in advertisements and magazine pages, and it was all made possible by a massive support system behind the actor.

Ja’siah Young’s Parents and Early Life

Ja’siah Young’s Parents

We all get to see the magic of Ja’Siah on screen because his mother allows him to audition and appear in commercials and movies. He is among us entertaining the masses because his mother and family are a massive support system, who make sure the actor is comfortable in what he is doing.

Ja’Siah’s mother is Lawaine Young, who drives the young actor to auditions and shooting while also taking care of a little daughter. Ja’Siah is not the only child of her mother; he’s got a two-year-old sister. He is also looked after by his grandmother, who lives with the family.

Ja’siah Young with his mother and Game of Thrones Kit Harrington.
Ja’siah Young with his mother, Lawaine Young, and Game of Thrones Kit Harrington.

Source: Instagram

There no mention of the father; however, it seems he is out of the family picture, and the two ladies are raising the kids. There is no mention of his father in the resume or the Instagram account, which is monitored by his mother. 

The actor also seems to be extremely close to his sister, which is nice to see and adorable when their mother posts on his Instagram page. The whole family lives in Pennsylvania, and he is most probably going to school there as well.

Getting Cast in Raising Dion and Appearing Alongside Michael B. Jordan

Cast in Raising Dion

The Netflix show 'Raising Dion' is about a mother and son story where the son stars to develop superpowers after the apparent death of his father and the lengths his mother goes to see the extent of his power and hide him from the government.

All nine episodes of the show were released on 4th October only on Netflix, and this was the first introductions of Ja’Siah to the mass market. He plays the character of 'Dion Warren' in the series with Alisha Wainwright playing his mother, 'Nicole Warren,' in the show.

Watch: The trailer for Raising Dion streaming now on Netflix

Michael B. Jordan is playing the father of the kid, and Ja’Siah Young talked about how amazing it is to share the screen with the actor who appeared in the 'Black Panther' movie. He did mention the actor is a good guy in real life and not like his 'Killmonger' character in the hit 2018 flick.

Ja’Siah is on a path to success, and this is all but a small step in the massive things to come for the actor. 'Raising Dion' will just be one step in all the things to come for the actor in the future, and we hope for nothing but the best for the actor and his family.

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