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Who is Emma Collison's Parents? Know All About Her!

Published Mon Mar 01 2021 By Danile
Who is Emma Collison's Parents? Know All About Her!

Know all about who the celebrity child Emma Collison is and also know about her parents!

Emma Collison is the daughter of a prominent American figure. Her father is no other than Nick Collison, a retired professional basketball player who played for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association. Her mother is Robbie Harriford, a Kansas City physician.

At present, the 15-year-old is focused on her studies and is living with her father in Seattle. Being a child of someone prominent might sound great but how much of that is the truth Learn all about Emma's life and see for yourself in the article below! 

Who is Emma Collison? Where And When Was She Born?

As you already know, Emma Collison is the only child of former NBA star Nick Collison. The celebrity child was born in Kansas City in 2006 on February 26, 2006. 

Emma Collison is living with her father Nick Collison and his fiance Jessica Wilson. 
Photo Source: Nick Collison's Instagram (@nicholascollison)

Recently, her father, Nick, uploaded several pictures on his Instagram on the occasion of her born day. The former Thunder number 4 wrote:

"My beautiful daughter turns 15 today. Happy Birthday Emma. We are so proud of you."

The teenager is often seen in her father's social media accounts. Having said that, her celebrity dad tries to keep Emma away from public sight as much as he can.  

When Were Her Parents Married? 

Emma Collison's parents, Nick Collison and Robbie Harriford, were high school sweethearts. They first met when they were studying at the University of Kansas. 

After dating for many years, the pair married in the presence of their close ones in 2007.

Interestingly, Emma was one of the family members who participated in her parents' grand wedding. At that time, she was only a baby of around one-year-old. 

Emma Collison at her mother and father's marriage

Emma Collison was present at her parents' wedding ceremony in 2007.
Photo Source: Janet Klinger Photography

The child's parents lived as a married couple for many years. However, things did not work out for them, and they decided to divorce a few years ago.

Despite only a couple of years since their separation, Emma's mom and dad look to have moved on. Both are in their respective relationships with her father Nick engaged to Jessica Wilson while her mother Robbie in a dating relationship with her boyfriend. 

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The young lady splits her time with her mother and father. Whether with Robbie or Nick, the celebrity child seems happy and enjoying her life with them.   

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