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Who is Jeremy Renner Wife? Learn About His Married Life Here

Published Sun Dec 05 2021 By shirayoky
Who is Jeremy Renner Wife? Learn About His Married Life Here

Inside Jeremy Renner's Controversial Marriage: Details Here!  

Jeremy Lee Renner(born January 7, 1971) is an American actor, reknowned most probably for his infamous portrayal of Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films; Renner came into the spotlight in 2002 when he played the main role in the biopic horror film "Dahmer," where his performance got recognized widely. 

Renner has been part of several globally known projects to which many people are charmed by his acting and have become fans of him and are very curious about his life details.

Jeremy Renner's Relationship status

Jeremy Renner is single now, but he was formerly married and had a daughter with her ex-wife; Renner kept the relationship under the radar for a long time and was quite adept at it. During the filming of Mission Impossible in 2011, Jeremy ran across her ex-wife, Sonia Pacheco. The couple married in January 2014. Ten months later, their daughter was born in March 2013. 

Jeremy Renner with his former spouse and their daughter.
                                                Jeremy Renner with his ex-wife and daughter.                                                   
Image Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Jeremy did not announce the marriage until September, months after exchanging vows. The couple allegedly split up before the birth of their daughter, but after becoming parents, they chose to reconnect.

Who is Jeremy's ex-wife?

Sonia Pacheco was born in 1988 in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada. She posed for several labels in her own country, the most well-known being Jaide Clothing.

Jeremy Renner's former partner
Jeremy Renner'sJeremy's ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco was a lingerie model and a real estate agent. 
Photo Source: Getty Image

The celebrity'sRenner'sJeremy's ex-wife used a lingerie model and a real estate agent. Instagram is the source of this information.

Sonni began her career as a hairdresser. At 19, she resided in Mexico briefly. And dabbled in real estate, selling timeshares for a Mexican resort. She went on to work as a lingerie model in China after that.

Pacheco first filed for divorce from Renner in December 2014. After the separation, the custody went to her, with Renner ordered to pay child support and other expenses. The couple has been in quite the messy case of accusing one another of many things.

  Sonni Pacheco claims Renner actor owes her over $500,000 (£395,000) in child support for their daughter Ava. Image Source: GC Images

Renner and Pacheco engaged in a confused verbal sparring match. They each brought up some implausible facts about each other, such as Renner taking his baby mother's passport and Sonni marrying the actor only to obtain a green card. 

The couple has Been In And Out Of Court For Years, be it for the Messy Custody And Child Support Battle or Pacheco's accusation against Renner for threatening to kill her; Sonni Pacheco claimed he has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse' in 2019.

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In 2020, Renner accused his ex-wife of misappropriating monies intended for their daughter, alleging that she transferred about $50,000 from their daughter's'' trust fund to her accounts. Due to his incapacity to work during the epidemic, he requested his monthly child support payments be reduced.

The couple has made some serious allegations against each other and has been having many messy verbal wars, and seeing how it only escalated until now, we can assume it to go for quite some time, but we hope this messy battle comes to an end in some way.

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