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Who is Rhona Gemmell? Insights into Robbie Coltrane's Former Spouse

Published Mon Jul 24 2023 By Bsgurung
Who is Rhona Gemmell? Insights into Robbie Coltrane's Former Spouse

Rhona Gemmell, a 53-year-old Scottish artist, and accomplished painter born in 1970, gained recognition for her artwork showcased in various galleries across Scotland. She was once married to Robbie Coltrane, but their relationship faced challenges, including an age difference and Coltrane's busy schedule and drinking problem. 

Despite overcoming obstacles, the couple ultimately separated in 2003. There were reports of a reconciliation in 2008, but they eventually parted ways for good. Since then, Gemmell has chosen to live a private life away from the spotlight, while Robbie continues to excel in his career.

Did Rhona Gemmell Remarried? Why Did Rhona Break Up With David Council? 

Rhona Gemmell continues to reside in Glasgow, Scotland, where she likely engages in her sculpting and various other interests. Being a devoted mother to her two children remains a significant aspect of her life. 

RHona Gemmell and Robbie Coltrane together
Image: Rhona Gemmel with her ex-husband, Robbie Coltrane. Source: The Sun

While it is not known if Rhona Gemmell has remarried, she did have a relationship with David Council after her divorce. Council, a Scottish TV executive and film director who has worked with organizations like the BBC, started off as friends with Rhona before her divorce. 

They began dating after her split from Robbie around 2005 but eventually ended their relationship. As of now, Rhona Gemmell has not been publicly linked to any other partners, though it is possible that she may have dated others without entering into marriage.

Dating and Marrying Ex-Husband, Robbie Coltrane 

Rhona Gemmell and Robbie Coltrane first met on Christmas Eve in 1988 at a bar. At that time, Coltrane had recently ended a 15-year-long relationship and was feeling emotionally vulnerable after his marriage proposal was rejected. Gemmell, on the other hand, was still a student and lived with her mother.

The couple got married in December 1999 at a register office and settled in a quiet village near Glasgow, Scotland. Despite facing challenges during their time together, they created a family and shared significant moments in their lives.

Blessed With Two Beautiful Children

Rhona Gemmell and Robbie Coltrane share two children together. Their son, Spencer, was born in 1993 and is currently 30 years old. He prefers to maintain a private life and stays out of the public eye, but he is believed to be doing well both personally and professionally.

Their second child is their daughter, Alice, who was born in February 1998. Alice is 25 years old and has pursued a career in acting. 

Alice made her screen debut in the 2014 film "Outlander" and has since appeared in other movies such as "The Souvenir" (2019) and the short film "Dark Water" (2016).

Divorced After Eleven Years of Marriage

Rhona Gemmell and Robbie Coltrane were in a relationship for approximately 11 years before deciding to tie the knot. Despite the expectations that their marriage would last, they, unfortunately, separated just three years after getting married. 

Robbie Coltrane divorced Rhona Gemmell
Image: Rhona Gemmell and Robbie Coltrane during the red carpet. Source: Getty Images

The split was handled amicably, and both parties emphasized that there was no third-party involvement or infidelity. Although the exact reasons for their divorce were not explicitly disclosed. 

Sources close to the couple suggest that Gemmell decided to divorce Coltrane due to his demanding and hectic schedule, which may have put a strain on their relationship.  The significant age difference between them might have also played a role in their decision to part ways.

The Main Reason For Split

Another factor that has been mentioned as a potential cause for the divorce is Coltrane's struggle with alcohol. Despite his efforts to address his drinking problem during their marriage, it seems that he was unable to completely overcome it, which may have contributed to the breakdown of their relationship. 

Following their separation, Coltrane sought help by checking into a rehab facility. Despite the end of their marriage, both Rhona Gemmell and Robbie Coltrane have managed to move forward in their lives, with Gemmell focusing on her career as an artist and Coltrane continuing his successful acting career.

Did Rhona Gemmell Reconcile with Her Ex-Husband, Robbie Coltrane in 2008?

After the divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Rhona Gemmell decided to relocate to Glasgow, where she purchased an apartment valued at $250,000. She also treated herself to a Range Rover car. In the custody agreement, Gemmell obtained primary custody of their children and their two beloved dogs.

Following their separation, both Rhona Gemmell and Robbie Coltrane endured the emotional toll it took on them. In 2008, rumors surfaced that they might have reconciled, as locals in the village of Loch Lomond reported seeing them together. 

Gemmell even moved back into their former house, and her name was added back to the electoral roll for that address. The couple made sincere efforts to mend their relationship, but unfortunately, their attempts at reconciliation were not successful. Ultimately, they decided to go their separate ways, and Coltrane moved on to a new relationship.

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Ex-Spouse, Robbie Coltrane Died in 2022

Robbie Coltrane, in his later life, suffered from osteoarthritis, which caused him constant pain throughout the day. By 2016, he revealed being in "constant pain all day," and from 2019 onwards, he relied on a wheelchair due to his health condition.

Tragically, Robbie Coltrane passed away on October 14, 2022, at the age of 72, at Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert, Scotland. Prior to his death, he had been battling illness for two years. 

Robbie Coltrane died at the age of seventy two
Image: Robbie Coltrane died in 2022. Source: Daily Mail

His ex-wife, Rhona Gemmell, registered his death, and the death certificate listed the causes as multiple organ failure complicated by sepsis, a lower respiratory tract infection, and heart block. Additionally, he had been diagnosed with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

It was a significant loss for the entertainment industry, as Robbie Coltrane was a highly respected and beloved actor, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in film and television.

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