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Who is Tony Danza's Ex-Wife, Rhonda Yeoman?

Published Sun Nov 05 2023 By Bsgurung
Who is Tony Danza's Ex-Wife, Rhonda Yeoman?

Rhonda Yeoman is the former wife of Tony Danza, a well-known American actor and former boxer famous for his roles in TV series like "Who's the Boss?" (1984-1992) and "Taxi" (1978-1983), as well as various movies such as "The Hollywood Knights" (1980), "Crash" (2004), and "Don Jon" (2013).

Despite once being married to a celebrity, Rhonda Yeoman has managed to keep a low profile and has not shared much about her personal or professional life with the media. People are interested in learning about her early life, her relationship with Tony Danza, whether they had any children together, and where she is currently located.

Married to Ex-Husband, Tony Danza in 1971

Rhonda Yeoman was married to Tony Danza from 1971 to 1974. Tony Danza, the host of "The Tony Danza Show," married Rhonda in 1970. 

Rhonda Yeoman kids
Image: Rhonda Yeoman with her ex-husband and their daughters. Source: Daily Mail

They first crossed paths during their college years, when Tony was just beginning his career. They were deeply in love with each other and tied the knot in an understated ceremony that same year.

Mother of Three Children

The couple also chose to start a family and had their first son, Marc Anthony Danza, on January 29, 1971. He is also known for his acting roles in TV series like "Taxi" (1979-1980) and "The View" (2008).

While everything initially appeared to be going well, like many marriages, they faced challenges, and unfortunately, their relationship couldn't withstand the strain, leading to their separation in 1974.

Nearly a decade later, in 1983, the two reconciled and welcomed their second child, a daughter named Gina Danza. However, their relationship faced similar difficulties, and they decided to separate once again in 1985.

Did Rhonda Yeoman Remarried? Where is Yeoman Now? 

According to reliable sources, it is said that Rhonda currently resides in a lovely home in Florida with her son, Marc Anthony. She is living a single life and is enjoying her privacy. 

In contrast, her former partner, the actor of "Don Jon," Tony Danza, tied the knot with Tracy Robinson in 1986. 

They were together for over 15 years and became parents to two beautiful daughters, Katherine Danza, born in 1987, and Emily Danza, born in 1993.

Rhonda Yeoman Movies and TV Shows

Rhonda is an American with a hidden professional life, primarily recognized for her marriage to American actor Tony Danza. Tony Danza, born Anthony Salvatore Iadanza on April 21, 1951, is known for his roles in TV series like "Taxi" (1978–1983) and "Who's the Boss?" (1984–1992), earning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. 

In 1998, he won a People's Choice Award for his work in the sitcom "The Tony Danza Show." His film appearances include "The Hollywood Knights" (1980), "Angels in the Outfield" (1994), "Crash" (2004), and "Don Jon" (2013). Rhonda's own professional details remain undisclosed.

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Ex-Spouse, Tony Danza Acting and Teaching Career

Tony Danza, best known for his roles in TV series like "Taxi" and "Who's the Boss?" and various other acting and hosting roles, has had a diverse career. 

Tony Danza
Image: Legendary Actor, Tony Danza in the frame. Source: Wonderwall

He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1988, appeared in the film "Angels in the Outfield," and had stints in short-lived sitcoms like "Hudson Street" and "The Tony Danza Show." 

He also hosted his own talk show, "The Tony Danza Show," and starred in Broadway productions. In 2010, he filmed a reality show, "Teach Tony Danza," where he co-taught a 10th-grade English class, which later inspired a book about his teaching experience.

Rhonda Yeoman's Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, Rhonda Yeoman is estimated to have a net worth of $400,000. While the exact amount of her divorce settlement remains undisclosed. Her ex-husband, Tony Danza, boasts a substantial net worth of $40 million.

In 2005, Tony acquired a 1,046-square-foot condo in Manhattan's Millennium Tower for $1.7 million. Furthermore, he sold his Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, residence in 2008 for the listed price of $6.15 million.

Additionally, the actor successfully sold his impressive Malibu Beach home, featuring three bedrooms, three thousand square feet of living space, and around fifty feet of beachfront, for $8 million.

Her Height and Weight

Rhonda Yeoman stands at a height of 1.74 meters (5 feet 8.12 inches) and has a weight of 58 kilograms (127 pounds).

Her body measurements are recorded as 34-26-36 inches, with a bra size of 34, a waist measuring 26 inches, and hips measuring 36 inches. She has brown hair and black eyes.

How Old is Rhonda Yeoman Today? 

Rhonda Yeoman was born on December 16, 1980, which would make her 42 years old as of 2022.

Rhonda Yeoman husband
Image: Rhonda Yeoman with her ex-husband, Tony. Source: CBS News

She completed her elementary education at schools in her neighborhood in Brooklyn. Following her high school graduation, Rhonda was determined to pursue higher education.

Consequently, she moved to Iowa and enrolled at The University of Dubuque, where she earned a bachelor's degree in management.

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