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Why Do People Hate Dan Bilzerian?

Published Sun Sep 01 2019 By Travis
Why Do People Hate Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian is one of the most followed people on Instagram but why is the "Instagram King" hated by so many?

Dan Bilzerian is the best person you can follow on Instagram, not because he is an inspiring savant who helps you positively move through life. The reason he is an amazing person to follow on Instagram is you will not find another person on the photo-sharing site living the type of life he is living.

It is also the same reason why most people hate the self-proclaimed millionaire, the man knows how to strike a nerve and become the cause of controversy. Dan is so lavish in his spending there are equal amounts of haters of the Instagram celebrity as there are supporters. But the thing is he is making money all the same, and it really doesn’t matter whether people like him or not.

Dan will himself tell you, he doesn’t give an "F" about the haters and he will party even harder to make his point. He’s got money like many other people in the world; he spends it also like many other people in the world, so why is it the “Instagram King” is one of the most hated personalities on Instagram?

Dan’s Larger Than Life Persona

Just go visit Dan’s Instagram page, and you will see one apparent reason why people hate the former American Military man. The whole page is filled with luxurious locations, yachts, jet skis, private planes, guns, and hundreds of dollars in cash are all up for display. Many people show off their money and their cars and their private island vacations, but Dan is so on the nose about everything he comes off as a douche to anyone who is not a fan.

Dan himself claims to be an as*hole, so there is no subtlety about the way the man shows off his belongings. Then there is the wild persons he’s created around his looks and his name where almost everything seems fake, and it all seems to be a publicity stunt by the social media personality to get as much attention as he can muster.

Dan’s Self Proclaimed Poker Prowess

Bilzerian made headlines in 2014 when during an interview with Howard Stern, he claimed he won over $50 million from poker in 2013. How the man was able to amass such a staggering sum of money in one year is a mystery, but it seemingly appears he did win the money. The problem with this claim was no one knew he was such a good player; the last time people saw Dan playing a televised game was in 2010 where he came in at the 180th place and here is now claiming he won $50 million in a year four years later.

Many people were calling BS on the whole claim, but there was no evidence to support or deny the claim of Dan. Many poker players who played with Dan said he wasn’t skilled enough to earn such a sum of money in such a small amount of time. Some players even called him a fish (someone who’s got money but doesn’t know how to play) he was also named a whale because of his enormous bankroll which allowed other players to lighten his stack of chips. Dan never provided any proof which could corroborate his claim of winning such a high amount of money. This was the reason why people hated Dan, all the free press he got from the unbelievable claim was seen as a publicity stunt, and it seemingly worked with Dan headlining many brands and signing endorsement deals to promote products on his Instagram page.

Dan’s Treatment Of Women

Dan is not known to treat women with respect; there was one incident in a night club where he allegedly kicked a woman in the face after she fell down. If you look at Dan’s Instagram page, you will find no shortage of almost naked women always present in his photos. There is one story where Dan slept with 14 different women in 11 days, and the seemingly constant flow of ladies in and out of his Instagram page seems to be the cause of some people’s anger.

A person is allowed to do whatever the law legally will enable them to do, but the way he uses women as a prop in his videos and photos rub people the wrong way.

Dan’s Antics During The Las Vegas Incident

The date was 1 October 2017, the place was Las Vegas, and the setting was a Route 91 Harvest Music Festival when a deranged person opened fire into a crowd of concert-goers. Dan was also present during the shooting and the reason he caught much flack during the night was because he posted two videos on Instagram of the night where he is running away from the scene and another video where he tells the camera he is headed back after getting a gun.

The move was criticized by people who said this was a despicable way of self-promotion, even a living Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer talked about the antics of Dan during the night. Dakota said the actions of his were “disgusting” and the American hero criticized the "so so tough" persona.

Dakota Meyer getting Medal of Honor award from Barack Obama.
Dakota Meyer criticized Dan Bilzerian's antics during the Las Vegas shooting.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Dan is a polarizing figure; most of the guys want his lifestyle, and others want to slap him in the face. There is no middle ground when it comes to the Instagram superstar, you either love him or hate him but there is no denying all of his antics whether good or bad worked magic for the social media personality.