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Will Robert Downey Jr. Have a Cameo in Spider Man 3?

Published Sun Mar 29 2020 By Eden
Will Robert Downey Jr. Have a Cameo in Spider Man 3?

Could the Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. make a cameo in the third edition of Spider-Man?

Nobody truly dies in the movies, especially not MCU. Much to the surprise of many, the recent reports suggest the fallen Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. is set to make a cameo appearance on Spider-Man 3. Needless to say, this might come as a shock to many, albeit a pretty pleasant kind.

Everyone’s favorite Marvel actor is reportedly showing up in the third Spiderman film as an AI while he continues to mentor Tom Holland’s character. However, it’ll only be a minor appearance as Tony delivers a brief message to Peter.

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As per We Got This Covered, this is the current plan of the writers in the most recent draft of the script. However, they stress plans could easily change from now till the production begins.

As Marvel fans, we’d actually be disappointed if such an emotional moment from the biggest superhero movie ever was taken away by shamelessly calling for a cameo. However, it is scheduled to be an AI appearance just like Tony’s father in Iron Man 2.

Thankfully, it’s not a come back from the dead thing, and looking at Marvel’s track record, they tend to handle these stuff pretty well. So, fans can hope whatever the scriptwriters decide, MCU shall inevitably ace it.

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Earlier in 'Avengers: Endgame,' Robert Downey Jr. delivered one of the most powerful performances topped off by one of the iconic moments in superhero movie history when he took down Thanos and his army once and for all.

The subsequent movie 'Spider-Man: Far From Home,' the final film in the third phase of the franchise, served as a tribute to Tony’s legendary status. Skeptics are bound to wonder if bringing him back for a minor cameo is the brightest of ideas. We shall wait and see.

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