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You Might Be Surprised By The Amount Cardi B Spends On Her Hair And Nails

Published Tue Dec 04 2018 By
You Might Be Surprised By The Amount Cardi B Spends On Her Hair And Nails

Cardi B's expenditure on hair and nails is bound to surprise you!

If you are thinking that you spend much amount of your earned money on your beauty then think again. Because you might get surprised after you know the amount Cardi B Spends on her nails and hairs.

Cardi B, the music sensation revealed about her nails and hair expenses via Instagram by posting a video on 1st December 2018.

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We getting more expensive boo boo

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As a matter of fact, in the video, she explained why the expenses are rising. The star was in a car and had blue hair and accessorized with a hook earning while filming the video.

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In the video, she told,

''Let me tell you motherf**kers something. It's getting more and more expensive to maintain us, women.''

Cardi B even talked in lengths as to why 2018 expenses is very high,

''You know, this is not the early 2000s and s**t where you give a bitch a hundred dollars to get her motherf**king hair done, nails done, her eyebrows done. Nah. Bitches ain't getting the $17 nail set with three nail designs. Some bitches want gel and some hos like me want Swarovski crystals. So that about there is about $200 feet and nails, you know what I'm saying?''

She added the expenses about the hair and the wig. As per the video, the wig costs about $800, $500 which depends on where people get it from. Whereas, the styling is around $200, $300. 

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With such an amazing look with blue hair, the rapper rocked at KIISFM's Jingle Bell with her energetic and extra performance. During the performance, she showed her love towards her husband who joined her on stage. She showed her love by explaining,

''Thank you, husband. He's so fine. That's my baby daddy yo.''

The star wore a golden shimmering gold fringed mini skirt dress with big hoop earring and the evergreen impressive nails. She opened on the stage with her song, ''Drip'' from her latest album, ''Invasion of Privacy.'' The rapper owned the stage like a queen and twerked her way throughout the stage.