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10 Quotes From FRIENDS That Are Still Rib-Tickling To This Day

Published Thu Sep 05 2019 By Travis
10 Quotes From FRIENDS That Are Still Rib-Tickling To This Day

FRIENDS is the most quotable show on planet earth; there are a plethora of lines and scenes which will forever be ingrained into the brains of fans all over the world. We all got one of those quotes at the ready, like “Moo Point,” which we never fail to drop and share a little laugh with friends.

It is why the show is such an endearing one, and though the series was filmed in the 90s, to this day, they are relevant all because of great quotes and amazing scenes. Just to be clear this thing is going to be filled with 'Joey' quotes because he is the one with the best lines and also he is the best character in the show, wanna fight?

The cast of FRIENDS.

Source: Netflix

So, without further ado, let’s get the theme song started and dive right into some of the best moments from the show. So, here are our ten best quotes from FRIENDS which makes up laugh like crazy.

10. When No One Knows Anything

Phoebe and Rachel

Well, if they don’t know what we know, they know we know… okay, that was confusing but it the point of 'Phoebe' in the whole show, we think, to confuse the hell out of everyone. Phoebe is right, when no one knows anything then…no one knows anything!?!?

9. Occupation? Dinosaurs.

Joey and Ross

Yes, Joey Paleo… whatever is a difficult thing to spell, 'Ross' does work with Dinosaurs, so he is right writing down Dinosaurs as the occupation. What does a paleontologist even do except clean dinosaurs bones?

8. Snitches

Ross and Monica

It is not nice to snitch on each other, but it is kind of acceptable when it comes to siblings. We’ve all been there telling on each other to our parents, and when 'Monica' and Ross snitch on each other, it is extremely funny.

7. Is That What A Dinosaur Would Do?

Joey and Phoebe

Joey is always the dumb one in the group, but he sometimes feels like a sage and someone who gives great advice. We love Joey just for this line, Ross loves dinosaur and making him think of the long-dead animals was the best way to motivate him. “You can’t give up! Is that what dinosaurs would do?” is funny as well as a piece of good advice.

6. No Plan


Phoebe is sometimes so irritating, but sometimes she is the embodiment of our emoji culture. It’s just in this moment we totally identify with Phoebe, and we understand why she is without any plans. We feel the same way most of the times.

5. Silverware

Joey and Chandler.

This is just funny and yuck all at the same time, we love how honest Joey is and also the fact he thinks it is okay to clean silverware by licking them. Those are can of worms we didn’t want open, but it was funny all the same.

4. The Art Of Unagi

Image result for the art of unagi gif

“Unagi is a state of total awareness. Only by achieving true Unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you.” Don’t know what Unagi is but seeing how Ross is into the whole things; we tend to agree with his assessment.

3. Sexy Phoebe

Image result for god i love how sexy i am phoebe

Do we even need to say anything about this?

Phoebe and her sexiness.

Source: Pinterest

Didn’t think so!

2. Joey Doesn’t Share Food

Image result for joey doesnt share food meme

You eat your own food, don’t take a look at our food, and this is one of the many times we connected with Joey at a spiritual level. It should be clear to everyone, “Joey doesn’t share food!”

1. Moo Point

“Rach, the big problem is: does he like you? ‘Cause if he doesn’t like you this is all a moo point,” Joey said. “A moo point?” Rachel is confused. “You know, like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s moo,” Joey explains. “Have I been living with him too long, or did all that just make sense?” 'Rachel' is confused. Yes, Rachel, we are all confused.

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Friends is a gem of a show; all of this is making us want to watch the whole series again. Come to think of it; we are going to do exactly that!