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5 Common Beauty Mistakes Brides Make Before Their Wedding

Published Sun May 12 2019 By Alice
5 Common Beauty Mistakes Brides Make Before Their Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the important, memorable and the most-photographed days of your life and who doesn’t want to look drop-dead gorgeous while saying “I do”?

Your wedding day is all about marrying the love of your life, and you don’t want to ruin it at any cost, right? You surely have a long checklist of beauty-related errands to complete leading up to your wedding.

Many brides make mistakes when trying out treatments and products for the first time and end up with less than desirable results such as bright orange spray tan, an unflattering hair-do or dry, flaky skin on their wedding day.

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And, to make sure your day goes smooth and fantastic, we have listed these 5 common bridal beauty nightmares.

Trying New Products Near Wedding Day

Never try new products merely a few days prior to your wedding day.
SOURCE: Pop Sugar

It's best to stick to a routine of consistent products leading up to your wedding day as it isn't the best time to experiment with your skin, especially if you have super sensitive skin.

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It's best to try new products a couple of months before your wedding date and make sure you are safe and away from any skin allergies and reactions

Not Having Your Hair And Makeup Trials

Always perform hair and makeup trial before your big day.
SOURCE: Independent

It might seem like it's an extra cost but its worth to go for makeup or hair trial before your special day. You need to understand that your makeup and hair can make or break your bridal look, and you clearly do not want your makeup artist to disappoint you on your most special day. 

Not Considering Your Dress

Don't forget to consider your wedding dress before the wedding.
SOURCE: Pop Sugar

You spent a lot of money on your wedding dress as you want to look best on your special day. So make sure to discuss the neckline of your dress, and show pics of it to your hair stylist to get the best advice on what will look best.

Getting Your Facials Done Right Before The Wedding

 Don't do a facial prior to your wedding day.
SOURCE: Indian Beauty Tips

You must get your facial at least 5 days before the wedding day to get a glowing skin. Sometimes facial can cause side effects such as redness, skin irritation and so on. So it's best not to take risks while being drop-dead gorgeous.

Not Packing A Sufficient Emergency Kit 

Remember to pack an emergency kit for touch up.
SOURCE: Youtube

Even with the most budge-proof makeup, you’re going to need to keep a few things on hand for touch-ups – the wedding day is long and every bride wants to look fresh and beautiful all day.

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Before you head out the door and down the aisle, make sure you pack yourself a little beauty survival kit such as oil absorbing sheets, lip color, cotton swaps and tissues to fix any smudges, translucent powder, and lash glue if you’re wearing falsies.