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Aaron Paul Reveals His Favorite Breaking Bad Episode After the Release of El Camino

Published Sat Oct 19 2019 By Travis
Aaron Paul Reveals His Favorite Breaking Bad Episode After the Release of El Camino

Aaron Paul talks about his favorite episode from the beloved series, Breaking Bad.

Aaron Paul revisited the beloved character of 'Jesse Pinkman' from the acclaimed series Breaking Bad in the recently released 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.' The character which was supposed to be killed in the first couple of episodes of the first season but his chemistry with Bryan Cranston was the thing which made the writers of the show to rethink his whole story.

Now, we know what a magnificent character he turned out to be, and the numerous great moments Jesse provided over the years. We’ve all got few favorite episodes from the series, and so does Aaron.

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in the movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.
Aaron Paul played the character of 'Jesse Pinkman' in the series 'Breaking Bad.'

Source: The Wrap

In the new movie focusing on the character of Jesse Pinkman, there are numerous cameos and flashback appearances of the characters of the past. One of the best cameo appearances was obviously the overbearing presence of Todd Alquist, played by Jesse Plemons. But another great call back to the former cast of the series was 'Walter White,' and the movie version of the character was an extension of one of the episodes from the series.

Jesse actor Aaron Paul says, the episode ‘4 Days Out,’ which is further extended in the movie’s final moments, is his favorite 'Breaking Bad' episode of all time. The episode is one of our favorites too, not because of some awesome action scene, or a horrific melting scene, but because it was the first time we see the characters of 'Walter White' and Jesse Pinkman bond for real.

Watch: The flashback clip from El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie with Walter White

The two characters are stuck in the desert with Walt’s health getting worse, and the school teacher looks to cook a whole lot of meth before he dies. This results in the two cooking over a million dollar worth of meth and after the work is done, waiting for Jesse’s friend to come and rescue them because the RV broke down.

This episode’s got even more weight on its back when considering the flashback continuation of the scene in the El Camino movie where Jesse reassures Walter; he is going to make sure all the money intended for his family will find its way to the family even after he dies. The link to the series also allowed the actor to sneak his catchphrase into the movie, which was pretty thin on “Bitch” and severely lacking when it comes to the actor saying the word.

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Aaron explained to Digital Spy; there was not “Bitch” in the script for him to say, which is why the actor thought he would try to sneak one into the movie during the flashback scene. “That was the one 'Bitch' I improvised in the history of Breaking Bad and El Camino,” the actor explained. “Every other 'Bitch' was scripted.”

The actor said he read the script, and then when he re-read the whole thing again, it occurred to him; his calling card was missing from the script. “I think it was the second time I read the script, it occurred to me: 'Oh my God, Jesse doesn't say bitch. Wow'. And Vince [Gilligan] never even thought about it.”

Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul.
Vince Gilligan was unaware the character of Jesse was not using his catch phrase a single time in the movie.

Source: Daily Mail

Vince Gilligan was also not aware Jesse did not say the word in the series, “He was like, 'Oh, wow. I guess he doesn't say, bitch'. And I just improvised it the first take, and we just ran with it, and he thought it was a perfect place for it.”

Aaron was able to sneak one “Bitch” into the movie, and he was able to relive his favorite episode from the entire series. It was a good ride for the actor it seems, and he enjoyed every second of it, as did we when the movie was released on Netflix and is currently playing on the platform worldwide.

Watch: The trailer for the Netflix's El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

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