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home Entertainment Actor Vinnie Jones Wife Tanya, 53, Dies at their Residence in Los Angeles

Actor Vinnie Jones Wife Tanya, 53, Dies at their Residence in Los Angeles

Published Tue Jul 09 2019 By rhyss
Actor Vinnie Jones Wife Tanya, 53, Dies at their Residence in Los Angeles

Former British football player and actor Vinnie Jones's wife, Tanya is no longer with us. She passed away at the age of 53 after her long battle with cancer.

The Independent states, according to a representative of the family, she took her last breath at their family residence in Los Angeles. The statement reads, 

“At 8:46 am local time in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 6, Vinnie Jones’s wife, Tanya Jones, passed away after a long illness. Tanya passed peacefully at the Jones family home surrounded by Vinnie, their daughter and other family members.”

The rep further stated the family would like to have their privacy at this time. Vinnie and Tanya married in 1994 and shared one son, Aaron Elliston. Apart from her child with Vinnie, Tanya left behind her 32-year-old daughter, Kaley Terry, whom she shared with her ex-husband, Steve Terry.

Vinnie Jones and his Wife Tanya attending an event. (Source: People)

After the news of Vinnie's wife death got out numerous celebrities expressed their deepest condolences. Stars like Frank Bruno, Ian Abrahams, and Pierce Morgan took to their Twitter to share their sorrow. 

Many of you might know Vinnie is a former football player and played for some of the acclaimed football clubs in world club. Well, his former clubs also shared their sympathy for their former player. 

Vinnie and his wife first met when they were 12 and went to their first date after turning 16. Subsequently, they parted their ways and didn't met for a very long time.

Then, sometime later, while Vinnie was playing for Chelsea and while he staying with two lads in a hotel, one of his friends told him to look outside the window.

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And guess what, Vinnie, after many years, coincidentally saw Tanya as she is rollerskating outside. At the time, she was in the process of getting divorced and after separating from her then-husband, Vinnie and Tanya got together.

Despite all the health complications she had, the pair lived their life peacefully and till her last breath, both of them never left each other's side. Vinnie said, “We’ve been through a lot, so I just want her to enjoy life and for us to grow old together.”