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Actress Meadow Sisto: Unveiling Her Remarkable Movie Career

Published Tue Sep 26 2023 By Bsgurung
Actress Meadow Sisto: Unveiling Her Remarkable Movie Career

Meadow Sisto is an American actress celebrated for her versatile talents and notable contributions to the entertainment industry. Born on September 30, 1972, in Grass Valley, California, she embarked on her acting journey at an early age, displaying remarkable potential. 

Meadow gained prominence through her portrayal of Juliette "Jett" Zander in the popular 1992 film "Captain Ron." Her career continued to flourish with appearances in various television series, including "The Wonder Years" and "3rd Rock from the Sun."

Meadow Sisto is Married To Police Officer, Michael Robert

Meadow Sisto's enduring love story with her husband, Michael Robert, is a testament to their deep connection and commitment. The couple embarked on their journey of love in the early 1990s, culminating in a heartfelt wedding ceremony in 1997. 

Meadow Sisto is married to Michael
Image: Actress, Meadow Sisto with her husband, Michael Robert together. Source: Twitter

Michael, a Portland-based police officer, has been Sisto's steadfast partner throughout her career and life's adventures. Despite Meadow's status as a notable public figure, the couple has managed to maintain a low-key and private life, valuing their time together away from the spotlight. 

Their enduring marriage, spanning over two decades, reflects a strong and enduring bond, demonstrating that love can thrive even amidst the challenges of fame and public scrutiny.

Mother of Two Kids

Meadow Sisto and her husband Michael Robert have taken deliberate measures to maintain their privacy, especially when it comes to their children. While details about their children's ages and names remain somewhat unclear, this strategic choice has enabled them to shield their family life from the prying eyes of the media.

In an era dominated by social media, Meadow's absence from these platforms further underscores her commitment to a private, family-focused life. As the saying goes, "The happiest person on earth is probably not on Facebook," and Meadow seems to embody this sentiment.

Despite the challenges of fame, the couple's enduring love continues to thrive, as they have shared over two decades of life's joys and trials together. Their home in Portland, Oregon, provides a tranquil haven where they prioritize their family and the cherished moments they create away from the public eye.

Her Movies and TV Series

Meadow Sisto's career boasts a diverse range of roles in both film and television. Her early breakthrough came with the 1992 film "Captain Ron," where she portrayed Caroline Harvey. She continued to grace the silver screen with appearances in movies like "Can't Hardly Wait" (1998) and "Ted Bundy" (2002), showcasing her versatility as an actress.

In the realm of television, Sisto made notable appearances in shows such as "Sliders" (1996), "The Sentinel" (1997), and "NYPD Blue" (1997), displaying her acting prowess across various genres. One of her memorable TV moments was in "The Tick" (2001) as Clarissa in the episode titled "The Funeral."

Mesmerizing Performance in Captain Ron

Meadow Sisto embarked on her acting career in 1992 with her role in the film "Captain Ron." This American comedy, directed by Thom Eberhardt, featured Kurt Russell as the titular character, Captain Ron, known for his eccentric personality and colorful past.

Meadow Sisto is an American actress
Image: Young Meadow Sisto in the frame. Source: IMDB

Martin Short played the role of an upper-middle-class suburban family man who enlists Captain Ron's services to sail a yacht through the Caribbean alongside his family.

Despite a talented cast and an intriguing premise, "Captain Ron" faced challenges at the box office. The film was made with a budget of $24 million but struggled to recoup its costs, earning only $22.5 million. Nevertheless, it remains a memorable entry in Meadow Sisto's early career and in the comedy genre of the early 1990s.

Meadow Sisto Net Worth in 2023

Meadow Sisto indeed had a successful acting career, with her active years spanning from 1992 to 2005. As of 2023, she has accumulated a net worth of $2 million, primarily derived from her earnings in the entertainment industry. Her estimated annual income stands at over $70,000.

One of her notable film appearances was in "Can't Hardly Wait" in 1998, a production with a budget of $13 million. While the film didn't generate blockbuster earnings, it still managed to gross a respectable $25.6 million at the box office. Meadow Sisto's contributions to the world of acting have undoubtedly contributed to her financial success over the years.

How Old is Meadow Sisto? 

Meadow Sisto was born on September 30, 1972, in Grass Valley, California, making her currently fifty years old. She is the daughter of Dick Sisto, a jazz vibraphonist, and Reedy Gibbs, an actress. Meadow currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Her parents divorced, and her father, Dick Sisto, later married fabric artist Penny Sisto. Meadow primarily lived with her mother and brother, and she has spoken about the challenges of her father's absence in parenting his own son.

Meadow Sisto's upbringing began in the lower Sierra Nevada Mountains before her family relocated to Chicago, where she likely began her journey toward a successful career in acting.

Brother, Jeremy Sisto is Also a Successful Actor

Jeremy Sisto, born on October 6, 1974, is a versatile American actor renowned for his diverse roles. He gained prominence as Billy Chenowith in HBO's "Six Feet Under" and as NYPD Detective Cyrus Lupo in NBC's "Law & Order." 

Meadow Sisto brother
Image: Meadow Sisto's brother, Jeremy Sisto in the frame. Source: Starry Mag

Sisto's talent extended to comedy, earning him a Critics' Choice Television Award nomination for his role as George Altman in ABC's "Suburgatory." He also graced the big screen with memorable performances in "Clueless" (1995), "Thirteen" (2003), and "Waitress" (2007). 

Sisto's stage presence was acknowledged with a nomination for his role in "Take Me Out" (2004) and a stint in "Festen" on Broadway (2006). He co-wrote and starred in the comedy film "Break Point" (2014) and appeared in A&E's "The Returned" (2015) and Audience Network's "Ice" (2016-2018).

Jeremy Merton Siston's Wife and Kids

Jeremy Merton Sisto's personal life has seen its share of changes. He married actress Marisa Ryan in Las Vegas on August 30, 1993, when they were both just 18 years old. However, their marriage was short-lived, and they separated just two days later. 

Despite the separation, they remained legally married until their divorce was finalized on June 21, 2002. In 2009, Sisto and his then-girlfriend Addie Lane welcomed their first child, a daughter named Charlie-Ballerina Sisto

The couple subsequently married on October 13, 2009, at New York City Hall. On March 9, 2012, they welcomed their second child, a son named Sebastian Kick Sisto. The family now resides in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.

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