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What is Adam Brody's Net Worth in 2021? Learn About His Wealth and Earnings Here

Published Wed Jul 21 2021 By Tashipalmo
What is Adam Brody's Net Worth in 2021? Learn About His Wealth and Earnings Here

Adam Brody's Colossal Net Worth Uncovered: Find All the Details Here!

Adam Brody rose to fame playing the heartthrob Seth in the teen drama, The O.C. But fervent fans remember the actor before he rose to prominence. He has appeared in other megahits like Mr & Mrs. Smith, In the Land Women, and Jeniffer's Body. Brody is also a writer, musician, and producer.

Husband of the well-known actress Leighton Meester, Brody's recent hits include The Kid Detective, Shazam, and Curfew. Brody's flair goes way beyond his several blockbusters. As a writer, Adam has credit for co-writing DC's comic-book miniseries, Red Menace. He is the lead drummer of the Indie-rock band Big Japan. Below we will look at Adam's staggering net worth and his lifestyle.

What is Adam Brody's Net Worth in 2021?

More than fourteen years since the last episode, The O.C. aired, and the cult teen drama and its cast are still as relevant today. A recent analysis of its leading casts' net worth revealed their massive incoming and fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brody aka, Seth Cohen, is estimated to have a net worth of $16 million as of July 2021.

Adam Brody is an actor, writer, and musician.

 A close analysis revealed Adam Brody is the third richest of the OC's alums.
Photo Source: In Style

Brody was listed as the third richest of all the OC's cast. Kelly Rowan and Olivia Wilde took the first and runner-up's rank with a whopping net worth of $25 and $20 million. The report showed a meteoric spike in Brody's net worth, though. The actor's net worth was estimated at $11.8 million in 2018. 

Adam owes his staggering fortune to the extensive list of characters he has played. But his music career has also endowed him with notable fame and wealth. Brody's band, Big Japan, released its first album, Music for Dummies, in 2005, after which the band has been on an unannounced hiatus, given Brody and Bret Harrison's busy schedule.   

Adam Brody's net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

 Adam Brody is also the lead drummer of the indie-rock band Big Japan
Photo Source: Hollywood Reporter

A four-time Teen Choice Award winner, Brody raised quite the brows when he made an extravagant purchase recently. In 2019, Brody and his wife, Leighton Meester, bought a chic home in California worth $6.5 million. The couple earlier lived in their Malibu mansion worth $2.4 million.  

Adam Brody's Wife, Leighton Meester's Net Worth!

A report on Brody's net worth would be incomplete without discussing his wife's fortune, who also boasts a striking figure. Leighton Meester is best recognized for her role in the teen drama Gossip Girl. Her other credits include Killer Movie, Monte Carlo, and The Roommate. Meester's net worth is estimated to be $5 million in 2021.   

Adam Brody rose to fame with the teen drama The OC.

The couple welcomed their second child, a son, in 2020. Photo Source: Glamour

Just like her multifaceted husband, Meester is also a model and singer. She and Adam met in 2010 while filming for the comedy drama The Orange. The duo was engaged by November 2013 and officially tied the knots on August 4, 2015. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Arlo, in 2015. The duo was blessed with a son in 2020.

The couple has been forthcoming and is leading a drama-free conjugal life. In an interview with Porter Edit, Meester said, "I wouldn't change anything, because i'm happy where i am now."

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