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Alahna Jade: Is Jade Married To Steelo Brim? Learn About Brim's Wife!

Published Sun Mar 12 2023 By vicky
Alahna Jade: Is Jade Married To Steelo Brim? Learn About Brim's Wife!

Alahna Jade is an American personality who rose to prominence as the partner of the Steelo Brim. He is an American comedian and TV personality best known for MTV's Ridiculousness. Like her partner's fame, Alahna is a social media star and model with a massive fan following base. Yes, Steelo is an accomplished star!

Jade loves sharing her travel and lifestyle content on her Instagram account! Alahna's fans love her content on social media. But is Alahna wifed up by Steelo Brim? So let's dig into more detail about Brim and Jade's life. Are they married? Find out below.

Is Alahna Jade Married To Steelo Brim? 

Steelo Brim grabbed the massive limelight with his career. Despite leading a public life, Brim keeps his fans curious about his personal life. Well, the actor, on the other hand, loves to keep it a little low.

Steelo Brim and Alahna Jade shared an intimate moment during the filming of Westie Brim.
Steelo Brim and Alahna Jade shared an intimate moment during the filming of Westie Brim.
Source: Instagram

Ridiculousness star is in a romantic relationship with his partner, Alahna Jade. However, it is unclear if the two celebrity couple married or not. They haven't opened up regarding their marriage to any platforms. But the duo lives together and has a great romantic life. 

Jade and Brim often feature one another on social media! They are seen exchanging quality time together. Recently the duo enjoyed a night out with their close friends and had a great time together. They shared a series of pictures on their Instagram account from the event. 

When Did Steelo Brim and Alahna Jade Meet?

The Hardball actor, Steelo Brim, met his love of life, Alahna Jade, in 2022. Mutual friends of Steelo and Alahna introduced the duo. With a great first meeting, they established a great connection and began their love journey. However, the comedian kept the romance private for a very long period.

Steelo Brim and Alahna Jade took a mirror selfie.
Steelo Brim and Alahna Jade took a mirror selfie.
Source: Instagram

In March 2022, Steelo confirmed his relationship with Alahna through his Instagram account. Brim uploaded a picture of himself kissing Jade in Time Square. Since then, Jade is often featured on his social media.

On the other hand, the model revealed her romance with the TV personality in March 2020 through her Instagram. Jade and Brim share a relationship of over two years with a great connection. They often travel to various destinations during their free time.

Does Steelo Brim Have a Kid?

One of the biggest questions Steelo Brim ever faced is, does he has any kids. The answer is yes! Brim has a kid with his girlfriend, Alahana. However, the kid is not his biological kid. The model and Steelo's girlfriend, Jade, had a child from her last relationship.

Alahna Jade took a picture with her son and her boyfriend Steelo Brim.
Alahna Jade took a picture with her son and her boyfriend, Steelo Brim.
Source: Instagram

Like every parent, Steelo and his partner, Jade, take good care of the child. The kid, Zyan Jade, was born on 11th April 2017. He is now six years old and is very healthy. Alahana welcomed Zyan with her ex-boyfriend whose name is still unkonwn. The social media star has cared for her child in every possible manner. 

Brim and Jade upload cute pictures of the kid on social media. Also, Zyan is very much happy with his new father. Steelo and his family of three live a happy and prosperous life together. 

Steelo Brim Called Off Engagement With His Almost Wife, Conna Walker

The actor from Wild Grinders, Steelo Brim, was linked with several women in the past. However, Conna Walker stands out the most on the list. Walker is a British fashion designer who is CEO and founder of the House of CB and has clients like Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and many more a-list celebs.

Steelo Brim posed with a glass of wine in a bathrobe.
Steelo Brim posed with a glass of wine in a bathrobe.
Source: Instagram

Steelo and Conna's romance started back in 2016. They met at an event and exchanged contacts leading to great chemistry. Within a year, Brim got to his knee to propose to the designer to express his feelings. Well, the response was a big yes from his then-partner. 

Things don't always go as planned, and their relationship lasted for four years, and they finally called off their engagement in 2020. All of the tweets and pictures of the duo were deleted from one another's social media accounts. 

After the split, it looks like the fashion queen enjoys life as a single woman traveling and exploring. In contrast, the actor, Brim, is busy writing a new love story with his girlfriend, Alahana. More news on splits, Ralph Pitman and his long-time wife, Drew Sidora, decided to break up

Steelo Brim's Nephew Died in a Drowning Accident

In 2017, Orange Drive actor Steelo Brim and his family faced a huge loss. Brim's nephew, Justin Rober Brim Jr., died on June 23 after falling in his pool. According to the Los Angeles Assistant Chief, the little boy was visiting from Chicago and went to the pool while his dad was out in the backyard.

While Steelo's brother rushed to the pool, he discovered the child was in the deep end. The Brim family tried CPR on Justin, who was later transported to the hospital. But it was too late for Brim's nephew. 

Regarding the incident, the actor released a statement to TMZ:

“Last weekend, my beloved nephew passed away in a tragic accident, We will miss him dearly and ask for prayers and privacy during this time of mourning.”

Net Worth of Steelo Brim in 2023

The young and talented comedian Steelo Brim commands a great career so far. Brim gave his best for the business for the past two decades and earned a decent amount of fame. As of 2023, the Ridiculousness producer is enjoying a net worth of $3 Million from his career.

Steelo Brim and Alahna Jade shared a kiss by the pool.
Source: Instagram

Brim has appeared in over ten movies and series combined with great feedback. His 2001 released film, Harball, made a total of $44.1 Million with a budget of $32 Million. Also, for the past eleven years, Steelo served as host and executive producer for the American comedy show, Ridiculousness.

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Steelo's making over $100,000 per annum from all his investments. Also, Brim is the co-host of the famous podcast Wine and Weed and generates good money from the show. As the TV personality is in his early 30s, he aims to achieve more in his career. Despite that, he is a lavish lifestyle, which he flexes in his social media accounts. 

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