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home Entertainment Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Baldwin Reveals That She Is Experiencing A Miscarriage

Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Baldwin Reveals That She Is Experiencing A Miscarriage

Published Fri Apr 05 2019 By Ruby
Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Baldwin Reveals That She Is Experiencing A Miscarriage

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria Baldwin has shocked her social media followers revealing she's most probably 'experiencing a miscarriage'!

Alec Baldwin posted a mirror selfie wearing her bra and underwear holding her small baby bump. Hilaria who had not previously revealed her pregnancy mentioned that she was 'likely' in the condition losing her fifth child.

Hilaria Baldwin revealed about experiencing her miscarriage via Instagram and Twitter post.

The yoga guru wrote a lengthy Instagram caption:

'I want to share with you that I am most likely experiencing a miscarriage. I always promised myself that if I were to get pregnant again, I would share the news with you guys pretty early, even if that means suffering a public loss.'

Her husband reposted her image in his Instagram account and praised her for being so open regarding her story.

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Furthermore, she added,

'I have always been so open with you all about my family, fitness, pregnancies...and I don’t want to keep this from you, just because it isn’t as positive and shiny as the rest.'

'I think it’s important to show the truth...because my job is to help people by being real and open. Furthermore, I have no shame or embarrassment with this experience.'
The former TV star mentioned that she's feeling some change in her body. She said that she doesn't have to pretend anymore for anything. 

Alec definitely felt heartbroken when she clarified that the heartbeat of the embryo isn't strong and the baby isn't growing normally.

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Meanwhile, Baldwin addressed that she's blessed to have doctors, family, and friends by her side during the harsh moment.

"I am so blessed with my amazing doctor, my dear friends, and my loving family...My husband and my four very healthy babies help me keep it together and have the perspective of how truly beautiful life is, even when it occasionally seems ugly,” she added. “The luck and gratitude I feel that I am my babies’ mommy, is wonderfully overwhelming and comforting."

Alec also mentioned that all of her four kids Leonardo Angel Charles, 2, Rafael Thomas, 3, Carmen Gabriela, 5 and Romeo Alejandro David as well as her husband love and support her a lot.

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Baldwin concluded,

"I’m feeling a bit fragile and I need support. I’m hoping, that by sharing this, I can contribute to raising awareness about this sensitive topic."

Since it is a very sensitive topic to discuss, she asked all of her followers to be kind with their comments.