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Know About the Alternate Endings of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie; According to Vince Gilligan & Aaron Paul

Published Tue Oct 15 2019 By Travis
Know About the Alternate Endings of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie; According to Vince Gilligan & Aaron Paul

After years of asking, hoping, and praying, the creator of 'Breaking Bad' finally brought the elusive 'Breaking Bad movie' to life. 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' arrived on streaming platform, Netflix, world over, and people finally got the answer to the question of whether 'Jesse Pinkman' was able to escape or not.

Major Spoilers ahead; turn away if you are still not caught up with the El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

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When the movie starts, we see Jesse and 'Mike' talking near a river in a flashback scene, and the first present-day scene we see in the film is the continuation of Jesse’s escape from the finale of Breaking Bad. He is driving the El Camino and banging the dashboard while screaming uncontrollably while the police are drawn to the compound.

Jesse escapes, and as the movie progresses, we see the character making decisions and trying desperately to get out of Albuquerque before the cops find him and put him back in jail. But he manages to get away by finding the cash hidden in the fridge of Todd, played by Jesse Plemons, whose weight was the main talking point of the internet.

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As the final moments of the movie play out, we see Jesse giving a letter to the man who helped him escape, and the letter is addressed to 'Brock.' Then the final shot is of him traveling through the icy roads of Alaska, with a smile on his face and a fresh start waiting for him at the final frontier.

But according to Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul, there were two different endings to the movie, and they revealed both of it while talking to Entertainment Weekly.

The First Alternate Ending

Vince Gilligan

Vince Gilligan explained he was happy with how the show ended, and left the final moments of Jesse driving off from the compound for the audience to decide whether they think Jesse made it out or got caught. The imagination of the audience was what he relied on to fill in the blanks for the final moments of the series, but then after a while, he himself started to wonder how was it, he made it out of the city.

So by 2013, he made an outline of the story, and in this version, Jesse would eventually get caught, not our words; we will just let Vince explained it. “I didn’t get super far down the road, but it was probably going to be a young woman who needed some help. He was hiding out by the Canadian border, and this woman was working at a motel as a housekeeper or something. [He] goes into the process of saving her, knowing full well that he’s going to suffer for it,” Vince laid it out.

Vince Gilligan
Vince Gilligan wanted Jesse to end up in jail again by the end of the movie.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

“He’s going to get caught for it,” the Breaking Bad mastermind continued. “but he does it anyway. And the last scene would be maybe him in a jail cell but at peace for the first time since the movie began.”

Vince also talked about Jesse not being able to sleep while in Alaska and all the past memories and deeds making sure he was never free, but he said, “At the end of the thing, he’s in a jail cell, and ironically he can fall asleep like a baby. And I thought, ‘Ah, that’d be kind of cool.'”

Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan.
Peter Gould and Vince's girlfriend convinced him the idea was not particularly good.

Source: Mashable

The creator pitched the idea to his producing partner and girlfriend, who were both not keen to send the character back in a cage after he went through so much to get out one. And Peter Gould, the executive producer of Breaking Bad, even said the fans would inflict some serious harm on Vince if he sent the character back to prison.

The Second Alternate Ending

Aaron Paul

Well, the original ending of the movie or the ending we saw was the one where Jesse gives the letter away to be posted when the man returns to New Mexico but according to Aaron Paul, the ending moment of the movie was where Jesse was driving and then the voice-over would read the letter.

Aaron was supposed to read the letter in voice over, and then the movie was supposed to end, but the whole thing was scrapped by the director and writer Vince. Aaron said, “That letter to Brock was the very first thing that Vince wrote when writing this script. Once he completed that letter, he started the script.”

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman licking a letter.
The content of the letter was supposed to be revealed in a voice-over but it was scrapped.

Source: Cinema Blend

“Originally, the voiceover of that letter was how the movie ended — just driving through Alaska, and you could hear what was inside of that letter…. It’s heartbreaking,” Aaron Paul explained. “It’s beautiful, just honest. But Vince just thought, ‘You know what? Maybe it’s best left unknown.’ And we don’t need it. He was right. But I love knowing what was in the letter.”

Aaron said he would never reveal the contents of the letter but explained the letter is more of an apology towards Brock, and it was Jesse saying sorry for leaving and putting him through all the troubles.

Jesse and Brock in Breaking Bad.
Aaron said the letter was more about apologizing to Brock.

Source: Cinema Blend

We really don’t know if the movie would’ve been better if any of the two endings were kept. The film itself is fine and yes, sending the character back to jail by the end of the movie would be like playing with the feelings of the fans so we are glad the whole idea was scrapped even though it would’ve been cool to see Jesse find peace in an ironic way. But we do want to know the contents of the letter and what Jesse wrote to Brock.

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