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American Actor Ron Pinkard: Exploring the Legacy of a Screen Icon

Published Wed Oct 25 2023 By Bsgurung
American Actor Ron Pinkard: Exploring the Legacy of a Screen Icon

Ron Pinkard is an American actor celebrated for his significant contributions to the world of entertainment. Born on October 22, 1921, Pinkard gained prominence for his versatile talent and captivating presence. His mesmerizing role in the Emergency! medical drama series is well known among his fans. 

His portrayal of the dedicated and compassionate Dr. Morton endeared him to audiences worldwide. Beyond "Emergency!" Ron Pinkard's career included various stage and screen appearances, showcasing his acting prowess. His impact on the entertainment industry remains enduring, making him a respected figure in the world of American television.

Ron Pinkard Wife, Karen Pinkard

Ron Pinkard, the gifted actor, has always maintained a private personal life, shying away from the prying eyes of the media. Nonetheless, it is a matter of record that he is happily married to his wife, Karen. 

Ron Pinkard wife
Image: Ron Pinkard with his co-star from the emergency. Source: IMDB

Karen's career was in education; she served as a dedicated kindergarten teacher for many years and also acted as a mentor to numerous young individuals. She is renowned for her kindness and unwavering support for Ron Pinkard. 

The couple officially tied the knot in 1968, and their bond is characterized by profound understanding and mutual support. Together, they stand as a shining example of a loving and harmonious partnership.

He Is the Father of Two Children

Having celebrated more than five decades of marital bliss, this couple remains deeply committed to their vows. Ron and Karen are not only happily married but also proud parents, sharing their love with two wonderful children.

They have a son, Ron Pinkard Jr., and a daughter, Kimberly Pinkard, who have taken inspiration from their father and embarked on careers in the entertainment industry. 

As their children have grown into adults, the Pinkard family's legacy in the world of entertainment continues to flourish, with Ron Pinkard's talents and influence leaving a lasting impression on the next generation.

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Ron Pinkard Movies and TV Series

Ron Pinkard, recognized for his role as Dr. Mike Morton on the iconic series "Emergency!," enjoyed a diverse acting career. He appeared in numerous TV series like Dragnet, Ironside, and Mission: Impossible, often portraying police officers or doctors.

Additionally, Pinkard served as a technical advisor on the film "Flight of the Intruder" and received acknowledgment in movies like "Tiger Street" and "The Hunt for Red October." 

In the Navy Reserve, he achieved the rank of full commander, having initially held the position of lieutenant commander. Notably, he later led the Denver Film Commission from 1991 to 2003, further contributing to the entertainment industry.

Wonderful Performance in Emergency

Ron Pinkard achieved recognition for his iconic portrayal of Dr. Mike Morton in the American action-adventure medical drama series, "Emergency!" was co-produced by Universal Television and Mark VII Limited. It was released in 1972 with 122 episodes which ran until 1977.

Ron Pinkard emergency
Image: Ron Pinkard with his co-stars from the emergency. Source: Pinimg

It also featured six additional two-hour television films in 1978 and 1979. "Emergency!" took over the time slot from two short-lived situation comedy series, "The Partners" and "The Good Life." 

The series was a significant part of American television during its run, with Ron Pinkard's Dr. Morton becoming a memorable and beloved character in the world of medical drama.

Where is Ron Pinkard Now? 

Ron Pinkard, now leading a private life possibly due to his advanced age, remains an iconic figure, thanks to his role as Dr. Mike Morton in the 1970s series "Emergency!" This portrayal earned him immense fame in the entertainment world. 

Besides acting, Pinkard's remarkable military background and efforts to boost the local arts and entertainment scene showcase his multifaceted talents. 

His dedication has not only brought him success but also financial stability, maintaining his influence and inspiration in the industry. While he's stepped away from the limelight, his impact on both television and his broader community is enduring and noteworthy.

Ron Pinkard's Net Worth in 2023

Former actor Ron Pinkard's estimated net worth is approximately $4 million, as reported by various online sources. Acting, particularly in Emergency helped him to boost his wealth. During the peak of his career, he used to make over $70,000 per episode. As estimated his annual income is over $100,000 through his overall investments and projects.

Ronald Pinkard actor
Image: Ronald Pinkard is an American actor. Source: IMDB

As he enjoyed his later years, Pinkard likely amassed a substantial sum, ensuring a comfortable life for himself and his family. Notably, his film "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" generated a global revenue of $9.7 million, an impressive return on its $1.7 million budget. This financial success further contributes to Pinkard's overall wealth.

How Old is Ronald Pinkard Today? 

Born on January 22, 1941, in Denver, Colorado, United States, Ronald Pinkard, now in his early eighties, grew up in his hometown. His educational journey took him through Whittier Elementary School, Cole Jr. High, and Manual High School.

Following high school, he dedicated four years to the Navy, serving as a Hospital Corpsman. His pursuit of drama led him to study at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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