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home Entertainment America's Got Talent judge Julianne Hough' Brother Derek Hough Shares an Inspiring Story; Who is her Famous Brother Derek Hough?

America's Got Talent judge Julianne Hough' Brother Derek Hough Shares an Inspiring Story; Who is her Famous Brother Derek Hough?

Published Fri May 31 2019 By David
America's Got Talent judge Julianne Hough' Brother Derek Hough Shares an Inspiring Story; Who is her Famous Brother Derek Hough?

'AGT' Judge Julianne Hough and her brother Derek have the most inspiring story.

Hollywood is full of gifted siblings — the Hemsworth brothers, Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty, Rooney and Kate Mara ... the list goes on. But the celebrity brother-sister duo Julianne and Derek Hough seem to receive a bit more love when it comes to grooving and rocking the stage.

Julianne and Derek follow relatively similar career paths as all-star dancers and performers. The two of them filled in as pro dancers in Dancing With the Stars, scored unmistakable parts in network live musicals (Julianne was "Sandy" in Fox's Grease Live and Derek was "Corny Collins" in NBC's Hairspray Live!), and also became a judge on reality competition shows — Derek is at World of Dance whereas Julianne just joined the jury panel on America's Got Talent.

Both of the sibling, Derek Hough, and Julianne Hough were pro dancers on ABC dance reality show, Dancing with the stars. 
Source: Insider 

Things being what they are, their common love for dancing and performing stems path back to when they were youthful teenagers. As People reported, it was around this time when Julianne and Derek left their severe Mormon upbringing in Utah for Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts — a notable London dance school. Meanwhile, their three older sisters and parents remained behind.

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While in London, they moved in with family friends and immediately started a strict routine that needed them to leave the house at 6:45 a.m. every morning for school. Amid this time, both Julianne and Derek felt immensely achy to visit the family.

In a statement, Julianne told “I remember one of my first days there I got off at the wrong train station. I was just standing there thinking, ‘Where am I?’”

Derek and Julianne moved to London to pursue their career in dancing while they were still teenagers.
SOURCE: Snakkle 

While training, Julianne revealed to Cosmopolitan that she was abused and said the "adults around her took advantage." She said she was often mistreated both mentally and physically and added it became worse when she started to hit puberty.

Juliane remembered the time when she had to put sexy façade and said how tormenting that all was to her. Though, Italia Conti Academy refuses to agree with Julianne's claims.

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Derek, too, recalls having a similarly difficult experience in London. In his book, Taking the Lead: Lessons From a Life in Motion, he writes of getting smacked in the face as a teenager by a dance coach when he lied about smoking.

Still, both the brother and the sister have made it clear that they are both extremely "grateful for their time" learning from some of the best dancers — an encounter they state has driven them to extraordinary achievement today.

Julianne told USA Today ‘at the end of the day you have to see the joy, too.’ She stressed having gone through certain things went on to shape her in who she is at this time.

And the current Julianne is not only a judge on AGT, but an Emmy honoree, Junior World Latin and International Latin Youth champion, singer, and a well-known actress.

Likewise, her brother too has seen nothing but success. In addition to his judging duties on World of Dance, Derek is a WDSF World Latin Championship winner, NYCDA Junior National Outstanding Dancer recipient, two-time Emmy Award winner, Olympic dance choreographer, and yes, an actor as well.

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Every now and again, the siblings work on something together — no matter what projects they're working on, the two seems to be forever bonded over their passion for dance and love for each other.

Derek once wrote to his sister on Instagram that he feels thankful to have the opportunity 'to share something that I love, with someone that I love.' He also added how an incredible sister Julianne was to him and what an amazing human being she is.

As for Julianne, she responded her brother is very close to her and understands what she loves and she really adores him for that.