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Anette Qviberg: Dolph Lundgren's Ex-wife - A Spotlight on Her Interior Design Legacy

Published Thu Nov 30 2023 By Bsgurung
Anette Qviberg: Dolph Lundgren's Ex-wife - A Spotlight on Her Interior Design Legacy

Anette Qviberg, born March 10, 1966, in Tarrant County, Texas, USA, is a renowned American actress, notably recognized as the former spouse of Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. They married in 1994, but after a 17-year union, they officially divorced in 2011.

The couple has two children, Ida Lundgren and Greta Lundgren. Anette completed her primary education at a local high school, and details about her college or university are unavailable. Dolph Lundgren gained fame with his breakthrough role in the 1985 film "Rocky IV," an iconic American sports drama.

Anette Qviberg Was Previously Married to Dolph Lundgren

Interior designer Anette was married to Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren in 1994, enjoying a blissful relationship until their divorce in 2011. Before the split, the couple embraced a lavish lifestyle, residing in a rented Marbella, Spain apartment before purchasing a beautiful family home. 

Anette Qviberg kids
Image: Dolph Lundgren with his ex-wife, Anette Qviberg with their daughter. Source: Pini Mg

Despite Dolph's celebrity status, the couple intentionally chose Marbella over Hollywood to provide their children, Ida and Greta, with a normal childhood. 

The decision reflected Dolph's commitment to shielding his family from the Hollywood limelight, prioritizing a more grounded upbringing for their kids.

How Many Kids Does Dolph Lundgren Have? 

Dolph Lundgren and ex-wife Anette Qviberg share two daughters, with Ida Lundgren born on April 29, 1996, in Stockholm, Sweden. Ida, an actress, starred alongside her father in the 2009 film "Command Performance." 

Their younger daughter, Greta Lundgren, was born on November 30, 2001. The siblings, deeply connected to their mother, frequently share heartfelt photos of her on various occasions. 

On May 31, 2020, Ida posted a touching Mother's Day tribute to Anette, reflecting their close bond. The post, conveying love and admiration, resonates with the family's affectionate connection.

Has Joint Custody Of Kids

Anette and Dolph, despite divorcing in 2011, prioritized their parental responsibilities for the well-being of their children. Demonstrating their commitment, the ex-couple spent a memorable day together in Marbella, Spain, in August 2017. 

The family, including Dolph, Anette, and their older daughter Ida, enjoyed a beach day. Dolph, known for "The Expendables," showcased his six-pack abs, while Anette and Ida flaunted their bikini bodies. 

Anette sported a blue bikini ensemble, and Ida showcased her hourglass figure in a strapless black bikini. The occasion highlighted the ex-couple's dedication to maintaining a harmonious and supportive co-parenting relationship.

Ex-Spouse, Dolph Lundgren is Now Married to Emma Krokdal

Dolph Lundgren, the 1.96 m tall actor, had a brief marriage with Peri Momm in 1991, ending in divorce after a year. Subsequently, he had a romantic involvement with model and singer Grace Jones. In the mid-1900s, he dated American model Paula Barbier.

Anettte Qviberg husband
Image: Dolph Lundgren with his ex-spouse, Anette Qviberg together enjoying the drinks. Source: Vintage Photos

Following his divorce from Anette Qviberg in 2011, he publicly dated actress Jenny Sanderson, parting ways in 2017 after nearly six years. 

Lundgren then announced his engagement to Norwegian personal trainer Emma Krokdal in June 2020, who is 38 years his junior. They joyfully shared the news on Instagram, and the couple married in Mykonos on July 13, 2023.

Annette Lundgren is Also Dating a New Boyfriend, Carlos Lara Sanchez

Anette Lundgren, formerly Anette Qviberg, has found love anew with her boyfriend, Carlos Lara Sanchez. Despite their initial romance being private, their social media posts suggest they've been together since 2013, sharing numerous photos on Facebook and Instagram. 

Carlos, now co-owner of The Village sxm, is also a coach at Marbella Hill Tenis Club. Hailing from Marbella, Spain, he studied at the Universidad de M├ílaga. 

Anette and Carlos have been openly expressing their relationship, marking a significant chapter in Anette's life post her marriage to Dolph Lundgren, showcasing a happy and fulfilled partnership.

Annette Qviberg is a Jewelry Designer

Anette Qviberg began her career as a versatile designer, delving into fashion, furniture, and jewelry design, collaborating with various companies. However, she gained widespread recognition during her marriage to Dolph Lundgren, a celebrated Swedish filmmaker and actor. 

Their union brought her into the limelight, highlighting not only her design pursuits but also her association with the renowned actor. Anette Qviberg's professional journey has encompassed diverse design realms, showcasing her talent and creativity in the industry.

Get To Know Her Ex-Husband, Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren, born on November 3, 1957, in Sweden, is a multifaceted talent renowned as an actor, filmmaker, and martial artist. Rising to fame with his iconic role in the 1985 film "Rocky IV," Lundgren has since showcased his versatility in various action movies, including "Universal Soldier" and "The Expendables" series. 

Beyond acting, he holds a master's degree in chemical engineering and has excelled in martial arts, earning a black belt in Kyokushin karate. Lundgren's enduring career, characterized by his imposing physicality and on-screen presence, cements him as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, recognized for both his acting prowess and athletic achievements.

Net Worth of Anette Qviberg in 2023

Anette Qviberg, recognized as Dolph Lundgren's ex-wife, has made a name for herself as a versatile designer, specializing in fashion, furniture, jewelry, and home decoration. 

Dolph Lundgren actor
Image: Dolph Lundgren attending the award show. Source: People Magazine

Her successful career is reflected in her net worth, estimated at $3 million in 2023. In contrast, Lundgren, renowned for his portrayal of Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV," boasts a substantial net worth of $18 million

The film's financial success is noteworthy, grossing $300 million, with a production cost of only $28 million. This underscores not only Lundgren's cinematic impact as a villain but also the commercial triumph of the iconic sports film.

How Tall is Anette Qviberg? 

Anette Qviberg stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, weighing 55 kg. She features blonde hair and brown eyes, but specific details about her body measurements remain undisclosed.

Young Life

Anette Qviberg, born in the United States on March 10, 1966, is a 57-year-old Aries. Her American parents, including her mother Kari Qviberg, raised her, yet information about her siblings remains undisclosed. 

Anette holds American nationality, but her ethnicity is not specified. Her education includes a degree in fashion design and textile technology, but further details about her educational background are unknown. 

While her birth sign is Aries, her blonde hair, brown eyes, and a height of 5 feet 4 inches contribute to her distinctive presence. Anette Qviberg's life maintains an element of privacy, leaving certain aspects undisclosed.

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