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Did Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiance Undergo Weight Loss? Find All the Details Here

Published Sun May 30 2021 By Tashipalmo
Did Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiance Undergo Weight Loss? Find All the Details Here

The Speculations Around Angela Deem's Dramatic Weight Loss: Complete Facts Here!   

Best known from the TLC reality series 90 Days Fiance, she was working as a nursing assistant before becoming a reality tv star. Angela Deem, a native of Hazlehurst, Georgia, appeared in the show with her fiance Michael Ilesanmi from Lagos, Nigeria. The pair wedded on January 27, 2020, following numerous dramas in seasons 2 and 3.

Deem and Ilesanmi's relationship in the series was filled with everything dubious, from lies, theft, and Deem's infertility and fights. The couple did it all until their marriage in 2020. A controversial figure, Deem's popularity can be measured on her Instagram, which boasts over 724 thousand followers. Deem is currently in the news for her jaw-dropping weight loss. Continue reading to find out how she lost 100 pounds.  

Angela Deem's Shocking Weight Loss!   

Angela Deem claimed to have lost 100 pounds in a recent revelation, but instead of sharing her final look with '90 Days Fiance's fans, she took to her Instagram to post videos of the procedures of the surgeries that scared her fans to their core.

A montage of Angela Deem's before and after weight loss.

 Angela Deem reportedly went through five surgeries in a day to lose 90 pounds.
Photo Source: US Weekly

Deem reportedly had five surgeries in a day to lose 90 pounds, which included liposuction, gastric sleeve, and more. As people await her final look, Deem has offended many with her social media posts and her inappropriate behavior with the doctor.  

Angela Deem before her weight loss surgery.

 Angela Deem, 55, revealed her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, 30 wasn't thrilled with her weight loss.
Photo Source: Soap Dirt 

Right before going for the surgery on '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After', Deem was shown smoking and flirting with the doctor operating on her. Deem shared she had gained 25 pounds last year when she went to Nigeria to wed Michael.   

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The star says, "Really thought that I would die if I didn’t make a decision about my weight. I started realizing I needed something done." As Deem takes to her Instagram, unveiling her changing look step by step, she further shared that her husband Ilesanmi isn't thrilled with her transformation.  

Angela Deem Accepting Mystery Egg Donor?

A fierce argument erupted between Deem and Ilesanmi when he discovered Deem was infertile due to her age. A mother of two and a grandmother of six, Deem kept looking for egg donors as she wanted to fulfill her 30 years old husband's wish. She revealed that her ovaries were healthy and needed eggs to tote a baby.  

Angela Deem with her husband  Michael Ilesanmi .

Angela Deem was recently offered help by an anonymous egg donor.
Photo Source: Ok Magazine

Deem had even gone on to ask her daughter Skyla Deem for eggs in the show, whose outright answer was no. After months of search and multiple videos asking for a donor, Deem, and her husband's prayers were recently answered. A fan reached out, offering help. It isn't known whether Deem is accepting the help, and many think she won't.   

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Most viewers and even Deem's own daughter Skyla think the desperate search was all for a show in order to please her husband. Skyla says,' she won't have a baby at 55, she is just talking.' Fans are curious to know what will happen if Deem indeed refuses to get pregnant. Everyone imagines the worse for the couple as of now. 

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