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Angelina Pivarnick Accused of Cheating on Her Husband

Published Sun Jun 20 2021 By Tashipalmo
Angelina Pivarnick Accused of Cheating on Her Husband

Are the Cheating Allegations Against Angelina Pivarnick True? Learn the Truth Here!   

Jersey Shore's star Angelina Pivarnick is in hot waters currently. The 35-year-old reality tv star is being accused of cheating on her husband, Chris Larangiera, 42. While the couple's evolving conjugal life was apparent throughout the episodes, no one saw the allegations coming.   

It all began when Lauren Sorrentino told her husband Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino about the gossip she heard in the family text. We are talking about second-hand gossip here. The family member of Lauren's reportedly heard the story from her hairdresser.   

Angelica Pivarnick is being accused of cheating on her husband, Chris.

 Troubles in Angelina and Chris's heavenly marriage had begun a long time ago.
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"Angelina has been going to her neighbor’s house, and Angelina keeps parking in the spot in front of her house, and she is allegedly cheating on her husband with this girl’s neighbor,” Lauren reads out loud to her husband. She further reads, "Angelina is 'throwing her garbage and chicken nuggets everyone outside."   

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Mike isn't surprised by the text and says he was aware things weren't going well with Angelina and Chris, but the cheating rumors from an anonymous source can't be trusted either. Mike said, "We don't even know the validity of this girl, but this could be damaging. If this person is going to TMZ, this could ruin her life."  

Angelica Pivarnick married Chris Larangiera in 2019.

 Mike "The Situation" questions if the source of the cheating rumors can be trusted.
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The disputed duo had first started dating back in 2016. After a few ups and downs, Pivarnick and Chris officially tied the knots in November 2019. And things have been unraveling for the worse for the couple since then. 

Earlier this month, Pivarnick reported that her sex life with her husband Chris was non-existent. Angelina even revealed that Chris had moved out. Fans know that the drama into Pivarnick and her husband Larangiera has just begun, and only the upcoming episodes will have the answers to their troubled marriage.  

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