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Annabel Bowlen's Married Life With Late Husband Pat Bowlen

Published Tue Mar 23 2021 By Bran
Annabel Bowlen's Married Life With Late Husband Pat Bowlen

Everything you need to know about celebrity wife Annabel Bowlen and her married life in this article.

Joan Annabel Bowlen Spencer, more popular with the short name Annabel Bowlen is a prominent figure across the NFL and corporate sector, more due to her marital ties with Patrick Dennis 'Pat' Bowlen. Following the death of her husband, she has had massive responsibility on her shoulders alongside immense wealth.

Annabel Bowlen's introduction would be incomplete without bringing the fact that she was a teacher in the past. However, following her marriage with Denver Broncos' majority owner, she had little time for teaching and opted for philanthropy instead. 

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A lot of people have put great interest in knowing about the married life of Annabel Bowlen with her late businessman husband, Pat. So, if you belong to the same group of people, then stay right here as we bring you all the details.

Annabel Bowlen And Late Pat Bowlen Were Married For Over 35 Years

Annabel Bowlen and Pat Bowlen pose for a picture.

Annabel Bowlen and Pat Bowlen shared five children
Photo Source: Denver Post

 Yes, you heard it right. Annabel Bowlen was indeed a longtime wife to the NFL side, Denver Broncos' owner, and former CEO for over three decades. It was a shame how death parted them in 2019. Despite being top celebrities with their huge status, the love birds preferred to keep an extremely low-profile of their relationship while they were married. That explains why there is no clue on how the pair first met or started seeing one another.

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GlamourFame did go down the extra mile to find out how the celebrity pair of Annabel Bowlen and her late husband Pat actually met in Edmonton, Canada. She was actually a figure skating trainer while meeting Pat, Paul Bowlen's son, a millionaire. After dating for a short time, they exchanged their vows and moved to Denver, Colorado. It was after that when her beau bought the NFL side and started working hard to make it a huge mega-power in the division. 

Annabel Bowlen smiles at the camera.

Annabel Bowlen's husband Pat passed away in 2019 at the age of 75.
Photo Source: Terez Owens

When Pat Bowlen passed away in 2019, he had already owned a net worth of $1 billion, which was then inherited by wife Annabel Bowlen.

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Throughout their married life, Annabel Bowlen and Pat Bowlen welcomed five adorable children. They are named Christiana, Patrick, John, Annabel, and Brittany.

Annabel Bowlen's Husband Passed Away In 2019

Annabel Bowlen suffered from a tragic heartbreak on June 13, 2019, as her husband of three decades, Pat Bowlen, died through a pulmonary embolism. The NFL team owner did anticipate his demise some time ago and gave Joe Ellis led the three-man trust to represent his estate and give his seven kids the inheritance right.

Annabel Bowlen smiles and waves at the fans after a concert.

Annabel Bowlen waving at her fans at the stadium.
Photo Source: USA Today

Prior to Pat's death, Annabel Bowlen has quite occupied herself in several philanthropic projects. You would be fond of knowing how she is the founder of Cherish the Children Guild. Earlier in 2014, she stepped up to take a more active role at Denver Broncos, as her partner suffered from the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

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