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Who is Aron Piper Dating in 2021? Find Out About His Partner

Published Fri Aug 21 2020 By Kenshinpark
Who is Aron Piper Dating in 2021? Find Out About His Partner

Here's what you should know about Aron Piper's relationship and dating life in 2021.

Aron Piper (born Arón Julio Manuel Piper) is a German Spanish actor who came into prominence for his portrayal of Ander Muñoz on the Netflix teen drama, Elite. Aron, who came from a German father and Spanish mother, started his acting career in 2004 with the movie, The Gunman.

Indeed, Aron started his acting career early from the age of seven, so we can guess he is a born performer. Despite playing in several movies and TV series, Piper became famous for his stint on Elite.

Aron plays the character of Ander in the series, and his love interest on the show is Omar Shanaa, portrayed by Omar Ayuso. But what about in real life? Are Aron and Omar really dating? Let's find out.

Aron Piper's Relationship Status in 2021

If you came here after you watched 'Elite' and liked Omar and Aron's performance on the show, then we don't need to stress this anymore, but still, people who are yet to watch the show, Aron and Omar, play the characters of gay.

aron piper partner in 2020.

Aron Piper and Omar Shanaa play the love interests each other on Netflix's "Elite."
Photo Source: Twitter

While both the actor never really talked about their sexual orientations in real life, many assume both the actor are gays and are a real-life couple.

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However, as of September 2021, Aron Piper is believed to be officially single. But due to little to no details on his love life, we cannot say that he might not be in a relationship.

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The show has three seasons, and certainly, if you play the character of each other's love interest, you will develop a feeling. And fans assuming Aron and Omar are dating in real life makes sense because their on-screen chemistry is spot on.

Traces of Aron Piper and Omar Ayuso's Relationship!

Well, it seems Aron Piper is a very private person. He hasn't left a trace that leads to details of his relationship; however, we still saw him with Omar Ayuso in some of his pictures on Instagram.

aron piper partner in 2020.
Omar and Piper claimed they were just friends. 
Photo Source: Twitter

But that doesn't prove anything, as their photos are mostly from the series. But if we have to go by what fans say, Omar and Piper could have been an item in 2021.

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