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What is Ashley Darby Net Worth? Details on her Salary & Earnings

Published Mon May 30 2022 By sujan
What is Ashley Darby Net Worth? Details on her Salary & Earnings

Know who Asley Darby is? What's her net worth? And details regarding her source of income, earnings and salary are here.

Ashley Darby was born on June 8, 1988, in Maryland, the United States. Ashley Darby is best known for her role as a cast member on the Bravo reality television series The Real Housewives of Potomac, which began in January 2016 and has since gained widespread attention. She grew raised in Maryland, where she was the eldest of three children. 

Ashley worked various jobs to support her single mother and her younger brothers and sisters. Darby attended the University of Maryland while still working as a bartender to support her family's financial situation. While working as a bartender, Darby was discovered, and she was invited to compete in the Miss District of Columbia Pageant, which she won the following year.

Is Ashley Darby successful in her career? Does she have enough savings to live a happy and luxurious life? These types of questions might arise in your head. Here in this article, we will answer these questions and help you to her better.

Ashley Darby's Net Worth

Because of Ashley and Michael Darby's ( Ashley's husband) prenuptial agreement, 'RHOP star Ashley is set to earn a substantial amount of money after her divorce from Michael Darby. As a result of the help of Michael, Ashley created Oz Restaurant and Bar, a modern Australian restaurant and bar. 

Ashley Darby and Michael Darby are about to get separated, which will benefit her a large sum of wealth.

Image: Ashley Darby will get a significant sum of money after her divorce from Michael Darby
Source: Instagram @ashleyboalchdarby

On Celebrity Net Worth's estimate, Ashley's earnings from RHOP and the help of Michael in her business ventures and, as a result, have made her a net worth of $5 million. The prenuptial agreement between Ashley and Michael ensures that she would get a sizable quantity of money in the event of their divorce. 

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If Ashley's new net worth is in the $15 million range, she will become the wealthiest RHOP star. Almost half of Michael Darby's assets are due to her. It hasn't arrived yet, but it will soon. We'll let you know as soon as she gets her inheritance from Michael, so keep checking back!

Will Ashley Darby Gets Half of Michael Darby's Assets?

Despite the persistent claims that Ashley was only remaining with Michael because he was funding her, the 'RHOP star said she loved him. While it may seem like love is helping Ashley find gold, she and Michael announced their separation. According to their prenuptial agreement, Ashley would be entitled to half of Michael's fortune if their marriage ended in divorce before five years. 

After the divorce Ashley will become the richest RHOP star with the net assets value of $15 million.

Image: Sooner or later, Ashley Darby is set to get $10 million 
Source: Instagram @ashleyboalchdarby

After the couple had been married for three years, the five-year provision was meant to take effect. If their five-year clause expires in 2022, Ashley's net worth will climb from its current $5 million to $15 million, making her the wealthiest RHOP star. However, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out.

What was the Prenuptial Agreement Between Ashley and Michael Darby?

It wasn't until after Michael met Ashley that he, a wealthy real estate investor, realized how much of a family man he had become. Having dated for four years, they decided to be married. Before their marriage, Michael and Ashley signed a prenuptial agreement that explicitly detailed how their assets would be distributed in the case of a divorce. 

If the divorce is finalized within this year (2022), she will get half of Michael's assets.

Image: Both Ashley and Michael Darby signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage
Source: Instagram @ashleyboalchdarby 

On a previous episode of 'RHOP,' Ashley went into great depth about their prenuptial agreement. "When we divorce before the three-year mark, our prenup says that I will get a specific lump sum amount; but if we divorce after the three-year mark, I will receive an amount more than that." 

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The other half goes to you, " The woman continued her explanation. Five years after they married in 2014, they extended their first arrangement, which expired in 2017, to the end of 2022. Because of this, Ashley is now eligible for half of Michael's $20 million fortune a consequence!

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