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How Rich is Aubrey Plaza? Know in Detail About Aubrey Plaza's Earnings and Property

Published Fri Apr 29 2022 By sujan
How Rich is Aubrey Plaza? Know in Detail About Aubrey Plaza's Earnings and Property

Know who Aubrey Plaza is? What's her net worth? And all the details regarding her are here.

Aubrey Plaza is one of the best-known characters she played on Parks and Recreation and Legion. Also, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Mystery Man. Ingrid Goes West and Life After Beth are just a few of her famous films. A lot of attention is paid to her. Aubrey Christina Plaza turned 37, as she was born on June 26, 1984, in Wilmington, Delaware. She is of mixed  Puerto, Rican, and Irish ancestry and is a permanent citizen of the United States. 

After graduating from Ursuline Academy, the actress attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where she studied film. Following her training at New York Saturday Night Live, Aubrey appeared at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where she honed her sketch comedy skills. And she was also working on honing her abilities as part of the NBC mentorship program. Mystery Team, Funny People, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World are some of the films she has appeared in. She has been nominated for three accolades for Parks and Recreation and The World for her first role. 

Since she was a kid, Aubrey Christina Plaza has consistently received high marks for her work. Aubrey Christina Plaza began high school at the age of sixteen. When Aubrey Christina Plaza graduated from high school, she went on to study for a Bachelor's degree at a public US state university. We've already covered a lot of ground, so if you'd want to learn more about Aubrey Christina Plaza, you may read her Wikipedia entry.

How Rich is Aubrey Plaza? How Much is Her Net Worth And Earnings?

Aubrey Plaza has an enormous net worth of $6 million due to her work on more than forty films and thirty television programs. Her major source of earning is, of course, her acting career.  

Aubrey Plaza's house in Los Angeles, U.S.

Image: Aubrey Plaza's house view from the top
Source: Google

Thanks to her outstanding comedic performances, the Parks and Recreation star has earned a fortune in the theaters, on television, and in series. Ingrid Goes West, Aubrey Plaza is a producer, and The Little Hours, in which she is a co-producer, are both 2017 films in which she also appears.

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Plaza began her career in the entertainment sector in 2006, and she is still actively involved in the film industry. In Olga Dies Dreaming, she is working as a producer, which will premiere in a few years. The White Lotus is another of her planned projects. Both of them haven't been made public yet. Additionally, she will lend her talents to Little Demon as a voice actress.

Aubrey Plaza's Relationship and Health Issues

At 20, Plaza had a stroke that left her with expressive aphasia and temporary paralysis. She could not communicate verbally or even in writing, but she could still move. As a result of her early age, she recovered from the stroke. Later, while working on the set of Parks and Recreation, she had another minor stroke, from which she has since recovered. 

Aubrey Plaza is proud of her spouse, Jeff Baena.

Image: Aubrey Plaza and her husband, Jeff Baena
Source: Instagram @plazadeaubrey

During the making of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in 2010, Aubrey Plaza briefly dated actor Michael Cera, but the two ended their relationship amicably. Plaza has been in a committed partnership with writer and director Jeff Baena since 2011. She has also posted a picture of his stating she is proud of her darling husband. Professionally, they have worked together and presently reside in Los Angeles, California. Baena has directed Plaza in Joshy, The Little Hours, and Life After Beth.

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