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'Avengers: Endgame' - How Old Is Captain America At The End?

Published Thu Sep 12 2019 By Travis
'Avengers: Endgame' - How Old Is Captain America At The End?

The age reveal of Captain America finally happened, find out how old he is in the final scenes of Avengers Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame came to a satisfying, tearful, heartbreaking, beautiful end where almost all of the storyline of the first six Avengers coming to a close and most of the heroes going their way, saving the world one more time. Iron Man died a heroic death, and Black Widow chose to be sacrificed for the life of Hawkeye’s family, but there was one member of the first Avengers team who got a smile-worthy and thankfully a happy ending, 'Steve Rodgers'.

For years Captain America was the good soldier, he ran where his superiors pointed him towards, and he was the perfect company man, always doing what he was told, whether it was in detriment to his own life. So, it was a great character arc when the man who never played by the rule, Iron Man, wanted to work for the government and the man who always worked for the government, Captain America, grew disillusioned with the human nature and people in power and their willingness to do good. It was the growing up part of Steve Rodgers; he was finally growing up to see the world he sacrificed for.

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In Endgame finally, for once in his life, Steve decided to do one thing for himself and make himself happy. When he made the decision to stay back in time instead of coming back to the original timeline after he placed all the infinity stones and Mjolnir where they belong, the Steve who came back to the original timeline was an old man who only showed up to give Sam the shield of Captain America. The question in everyone’s mind after seeing Steve fulfill his promise was how much did he age in the time between the two timelines and how old is he.

It seems we finally got the answer to the question of how old is Steve in the form of visual effects producer for the movie, Jen Underdahl, talking to Wired. She said, “What would a super-soldier look like if he had aged 106 years? What would his skin look like? [The VFX artists] took some neck off of [Evans], so he wasn’t quite as beefy, and shrunk his shoulders and his overall profile to give him that 106-year-old super soldier look.”

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So there it is, Steve was 106 years old when he appeared on the bench, but then the whole age thing doesn’t make any sense either. The thing is Steve was born in 1918, and when he went into the ice, he was 27 years old in 1945. But we also know he came back to 1948 and stayed there with 'Peggy', so 2023-1948 comes to 75 years which you add to the 39-year-old man who went back in time then by the time he shows up in the final moment of Endgame then he comes to an age of about 112, so how in the world is he 106 years old.

Okay, just bear with us for a minute, by the time Endgame rolls around Steve us 39 years old and when he gets of 1948, he is still 39, and the time he spent with Peggy was about 67 years which brings both of them to 2015 which was about the time of Captain America: Civil War. Peggy dies, and at that point, Steve is 106 years old, since there was nothing to live for in the branched timeline, Steve uses the last of the 'Pym' particles to bring himself to 2023 and hand over the shield.

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It is all so confusing but whatever the case, Steve got the dance he and Peggy promised, and for the first time, the good soldier did something which was for him and no one else. It is a bummer we won’t be able to see Captain or more importantly old Steve in future movies, but the story and the arc they sent the super soldier was a beautiful one, and he got everything he deserved. We would love to see Captain again in a future movie, but for now, the book of Steve is closed, he is retired and already handed over his shield and legacy to someone he thought worthy. Now, it is upon Sam to carry on the legacy of Captain America and make him proud.