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Marvel took a loan out for over $500 million back in 2005, back then no one thought the universe would grow to become the biggest franchise in the world. The universe of collective movies started back in 2008 with the release of Iron Man became known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe or just MCU. Since 2008, there’ve been 23 movies, and the Universe as a whole grossed over $20 billion at the box office. The whole format of the MCU was flawed and thought impossible, which is why Universal let the franchise go to the hands of Disney back in2009. Now, everyone is trying to catch the lighting in the bottle success of the MCU, and the attempts to build a cohesive interconnected universe of movies largely failed. The MCU is divided into “Phases” with Spider-Man: Far from Home closing out Phase 3 in 2019 and Black Widow ushering in Phase 4 in 2020. The fourth phase of the MCU consists of five movies and five episodic series, so there are more plans for the future of the MCU.